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  • Title: Tarts – Textile and Arts Collective
    Descriptive info: .. Tarts Textile and Arts Collective.. Menu.. Skip to content.. About Us.. Artist/Designers.. Alice Pettirosso.. Anatole Muschinski.. Anna Small.. Bella Head.. Bev Bills.. Carol Bath.. Carolanne Wasley.. Cindy Durant.. David Innocente.. Fiona Trueman.. Geraldine Krieg.. Helen Moon.. Ivana DiStasio.. Jane Burbidge.. Jane Sabey.. Jenny Knight.. Joy Harvey.. Julie Frahm.. Kathryn Hill.. Liz Wauchope.. Margaret Marsh.. Marion Dawson.. Mark Jones.. Maude Bath.. Robyn Zerna-Russell.. Sandra Shaw.. Sandra Tredwell.. Sheryl Glassmith.. Susan Napoli.. Suzette Watkins.. Vanessa Murphy.. Adelaide Art Galleries Walking Trail.. Latest News.. Shop..  ...   Carolanne Wasley.. Cindy Durant.. David Innocente.. Fiona Trueman.. Geraldine Krieg.. Gillian Napier.. Helen Moon.. Ivana DiStasio.. Jane Burbidge.. Jane Sabey.. Jenny Knight.. Joy Harvey.. Julie Frahm.. Kathryn Hill.. Liz Wauchope.. Margaret Marsh.. Marion Dawson.. Mark Jones.. Maude Bath.. Robyn Zerna-Russell.. Sandra Shaw.. Sandra Tredwell.. Sheryl Glassmith.. Sue Catt.. Susan Napoli.. Suzette Watkins.. Vanessa Murphy.. Leave a Reply.. Cancel reply.. You must be.. logged in.. to post a comment.. Follow Us on Facebook!.. Subscribe to our mailing list.. Email Address.. Proudly powered by WordPress..

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  • Title: About Us | Tarts – Textile and Arts Collective
    Descriptive info: There s nothing like us!.. More than 30 Artists and Designers from Adelaide, country South Australia, and interstate, working together as a collective.. Unique Textiles and Fibre, Fashion, Wearables, Accessories, Ceramics, Glass, Sculpture, Photography, Paintings, Prints, Jewellery, Home Wares, Gifts, and more.. Located in Gays Arcade, Adelaide Arcade, Adelaide, South Australia, 5000.. Open Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm.. Telephone +61 8 8232 0265.. Shop Email.. tarts@internode.. on.. net.. For information about joining our collective please email..

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  • Title: Alice Pettirosso | Tarts – Textile and Arts Collective
    Descriptive info: Knitted Textiles.. Website:.. Nullarbor Nights.. Garments are made of Australian Extra Fine Merino Wool, they are gossamer-soft, warm and lightweight, and are Hand Dyed in the glorious colors of the Australian landscape.. Each garment is totally unique.. Garments may be Made to Measure and Dyed to Order.. The colors may be viewed on the website:.. www.. nullarbornights.. com.. The Range includes Scarves, Wraps, Jackets and Hats.. Nullarbor Nights Knitwear is retailed in  ...   living on the Nullarbor where the Desert meets the Ocean of the Great Australian Bight.. The Dyeing was an instinctive reaction against living in that vast, all-pervading, monotone landscape.. The only time the colours really came to life was after rain, the dust was washed off all the rocks, lichens and leaves revealing threads and veins of delicate apricots and ochre juxtaposed with steel-grey granites and the soft sage-greens of saltbush.. ”..

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  • Title: Anatole Muschinski | Tarts – Textile and Arts Collective
    Descriptive info: Silk Painting.. Label: Famous Paintings.. “Silken symbol of quality Quote from Mosman Daily regarding Anatole s quality of work.. Anatole was born Australia, 13 September 1958, into a family that has always pursued artistic endeavours.. Therefore at an early age, painting was the course he chose to follow sculpture at art school, and then into the market place of screen printed textiles.. However,  ...   his calling 18 years ago.. Lengths of silk are individually hand painted with thickened naphthol dyes.. From this Anatole makes the garments including shirts, scarves and bags, all of which capture the essence of great paintings of the past, from the hearts of the Baroque, the Roses of Art Deco, the Lips of Surrealism and all involved with the rich colours of Australia..

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  • Title: Anna Small | Tarts – Textile and Arts Collective
    Descriptive info: Metal Sculpture.. asmallartfactory.. au.. Since she was a little tacker picking sour sobs for her mum, Anna has had an obsession with the detail and form of flowers.. This fascination with natural form was expressed through various mediums both at home and through art school where Anna’s art qualifications were achieved.. Family nature walks with her rambunctious children provide inspiration for her continuing art process.. The  ...   designs that are redrawn into the computer with a tablet pen.. Each picture is then laser cut into a flat piece of metal and individually hand-formed in their garden studio with love, grunt and sweat.. The resulting three-dimensional sculpture is then weathered in the garden to achieve its natural finish.. “My aim is to create art that warms your heart and puts a smile on your face..

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  • Title: Bella Head | Tarts – Textile and Arts Collective
    Descriptive info: Weaver.. bellatextiles.. Weaving has been my profession and my passion for nearly 30 years.. From the moment I sat at my first loom while living in the United States in the 1980s, I was hooked.. I learned the history and skills of traditional North American techniques at workshops, and soon began exhibiting and selling my work throughout Canada and the United States.. On returning to Australia, I worked in industry on power looms, a time that cemented my ideas on mass-production, giving me great insight into the types of weaving that could never be reproduced commercially.. This experience set the foundations of the style of my bellatextiles hand woven garments.. My bellatextiles range of hand weaving, accredited by Ethical  ...   the finest natural fibres like alpaca, silk, linen, merino wool or eco friendly tencel, sourced locally or from within Australia as often as possible.. I enjoy dyeing my own yarns using colourfast, safe dyes to achieve unique, vibrant colours and combinations not available in commercially dyed yarns.. Several projects can always be found on my 32 shaft and 8 shaft hand operated dobby looms as well as smaller looms.. Each project has a weaving design and pattern I have created in Photoshop and FiberWorks before transferring them to the dobby looms to be woven by hand.. I cannot imagine life without my looms or the creative process of crafting garments for my bellatextiles label, a wonderful job to have!..

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  • Title: Bev Bills | Tarts – Textile and Arts Collective
    Descriptive info: Fibre Art.. Weaving.. When it comes to Textiles, I love to explore the diversity that fibres offer, the challenging applications of works in and on paper, fabric of wool, cotton or plant fibre, weaving creative textural forms, as well as molding paper, either transformed into books or printed on.. The versatile Fibre, colour and texture allows me to weave fabric for clothing, tapestries for the wall, handmade felt, scarves or handmade paper  ...   visions to embellish and create.. Nature, an important factor in design, captured through the lens of my camera, colours, the exuberance of textures and shapes transferred into fabric and yarns.. As a teacher encourager of all arts and crafts, the creative aspects are passed onto others to excite and create.. Learning continues on through teaching, experimenting through the work that students produce.. Knowledge is to be built on and shared.. Commissions on application..

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  • Title: Carol Bath | Tarts – Textile and Arts Collective
    Descriptive info: Felt Artist.. Born in Broken Hill, NSW, I have always been around sheep and loved their thick fleeces.. So when I was introduced to Felt late in the 1980’s I instantly fell in love with the process that magically transformed something I knew well into a wonderful new fabric.. And, over the years, that magical process has had its way with me, leading me from hobby to art.. Felting fills me with a sense of accomplishment and integrity, and has  ...   end concept backwards.. Though I work quite deliberately, consciously employing both traditional and innovative techniques, my unconscious is the undisputed project manager.. The concrete, repetitive nature of this work frees my imagination and provides many opportunities for happy accident and grace to influence the finished product.. I work mostly with fine Australian Merino wool, often mixed with silk and other fabrics to create a new exciting felt fabric, which I use to construct handbags, jackets, shawl, hats and much more..

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  • Title: Carolanne Wasley | Tarts – Textile and Arts Collective
    Descriptive info: Painting.. Collage.. Ceramic Jewellery.. Carolanne Wasley is an Artist/ Designer who has worked in many different disciplines including commercial pottery, lead lighting, painting and jewellery.. She studied for four years at the South Australian School of Art, specializing in ceramics under Milton Moon, and established three production potteries using salt glaze and wood fire techniques.. Further training with Cedar Prest led to employment as a lead lighter at her Kensington studio.. Carolanne studied photography, painting, drawing and silversmithing at O Halloran Hill College.. She then  ...   worked as an Artist coordinator for community art projects and as an adult Art and Craft educator and has had four artist residencies.. P Her inspiration is the Australian landscape in all its diversity and she has gone from its interpretation as a realist painter to that of expressive abstraction.. Her work has been exhibited and awarded prizes and is held in many private and public collections nationally and internationally.. Her current practice is the designing and construction of jewellery which she exhibits locally and interstate..

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  • Title: Cindy Durant | Tarts – Textile and Arts Collective
    Descriptive info: Glass.. cindydurant.. Cindy Durant spent her first twenty-two years in California.. She now lives in Penong; on the far west coast of South Australia.. After working in many fields including woodworking, yacht work, sewing, and many years of cooking, Cindy developed a great love for glass in the mid 80 s.. From there Cindy has taken the occasional workshop but has mainly taught herself through trial and error.. She now sells her unique kiln formed and lamp worked glass work throughout Australia.. Many of her design inspirations come from her great love of the sea and the land.. Cindy lives on a large property near the coast at Cactus beach.. The property is completely run on solar and wind power.. She has 5 kilns, three gas fired for her larger pieces and two electric which she uses for her Precious Metal Clay jewellery and glass bead making.. The specialty coloured glasses come from America, Germany and Italy.. She also uses clear window glass for sinks, table tops and tableware..  ...   one week.. Cindy uses no paints on her coloured pieces; all of the colour comes from powdered glasses she applies in many layers and very thickly to a clear or coloured glass base.. These powders give the work a painted like quality.. She has developed this technique herself because of the desire to express the colours of the sea, land and sky.. Cindy uses kiln forming, lampworking and casting to create her pieces.. Works are assembled and fired to fuse, sometimes several times.. If shaping is desired it is done in a separate firing into molds and at a lower temperature.. Casting is basically the melting of glass into plaster molds to make sculptural forms.. Lamp working is done over a propane/oxygen torch; glass rods are heated to a toffee like texture and sculpted into beads, etc.. These are incorporated into jewellery or other elements often including Precious Metal Clay fine silver.. Combining these techniques makes for unlimited design possibilities.. Cindy is also conducting workshops in PMC and glass..

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  • Title: David Innocente | Tarts – Textile and Arts Collective
    Descriptive info: Wood and Metal.. innocente.. I began designing and hand crafting jewellery boxes in 2005.. I was born in Adelaide, and have lived here all of my life.. I come from an Italian background, and my parents surrounded me with food, music and visual art.. I have always been drawn to the arts and the freedom that comes from being creative.. Innocente Jewellery Box Designs started with a surprise gone wrong.. My partner Tania said she wanted a jewellery box to organise all of her jewellery which at the time was a bunched up mess.. I decided to surprise her by building one for her.. She announced one day that she was going to buy a jewellery box and I had to tell her what I was doing before it was complete.. I  ...   resulted in the designs you see today.. I start most of my designs with a basic concept in mind and improvise as I go, solving problems on a new design as construction develops.. This brings a certain amount of frustration but it also brings surprising results as sometimes the finished box is different from the original idea.. (Hopefully for the better).. A long time interest in motoring, particularly the beauty of body shape and design, has been a partial inspiration for some of the styles.. Also the bold colours and painted finishes of the boxes come from motoring ideals.. Shapes of all types have inspired many of my finished designs.. A background in mechanics, the building industry and the arts has given me the skills to design and craft the Innocente Jewellery Boxes..

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