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  • Title: Home - thonet
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. ABOUT.. History.. Company Profile.. PRODUCTS.. Thonet.. Chairs.. Stools.. Other.. Tolix.. About Tolix.. Green.. About Green.. Rybo.. Rybo Product Profile.. Tables.. About Tables.. PDF Catalogue.. Sale.. Media.. Advertising.. Editorial.. Gallery.. Contact.. Copyright Thonet Australia Pty Ltd..

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  • Title: Company Profile - thonet
    Descriptive info: Thonet Australia launched in Melbourne in 1979.. More than 30 years on, the design establishment still turn to Thonet for contemporary and classic European product at affordable prices.. Thonet furniture graces the interiors of the best homes, restaurants, cafes and commercial buildings throughout Australia.. The company is based in Melbourne, housed in a wonderfully spacious Fitzroy warehouse.. There is also a showroom in Darlinghurst, Sydney, and distributors in Newcastle, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.. To most, Bentwood stands as a shining example of what can be achieved through design.. Its form both expresses and symbolises the manufacturing process that lay behind it.. Thonet bentwood chairs are made from European beech using traditional steam bending methods.. They arrive unassembled and are assembled in our Melbourne workshop.. Technically simple, each piece embodies the principles of mass production: inexpensive to manufacture, transportable in large quantities and most importantly – strong and durable.. A true visionary, Michael Thonet was the first person to  ...   Green SRL.. from Italy and.. from France.. Still true to the very first designs from the 1900’s,.. products are manufactured in the original factory opened in 1907 in Burgundy, France.. An authentic.. piece has so much more value, history, beauty and longevity than the replica’s now available.. When taking all these factors into account, the price of the original product is comparatively reasonable against the copies.. In a marketplace flooded with knock-offs, the enduring nature of our products proves to be the more economical investment as there is no need for replacements.. In Australia, Thonet is proud to be associated with the innovation and tradition of Michael Thonet.. The bentwood furniture available today is, manufactured at one of the original European factories, set up in 1880, to the exacting specifications of Michael Thonet’s unique and original designs.. Bentwood furniture has never altered.. It has always been simple, utilitarian furniture; reasonably priced and available to everyone.. The tradition continues..

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  • Title: Chairs - thonet
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  • Title: Tolix - thonet
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  • Title: About Tolix - thonet
    Descriptive info: TOLIX, France.. Originally developed more for its functional strength than its aesthetic appeal, the industrial appearance of Tolix has slowly grown into a well-loved design classic since the company was first registered in 1927.. Following the family tradition, Xavier Pauchard started out as a roofer-zinc worker and inherently understood the characteristics of sheet metal and zinc.. It seemed a natural progression that he would become the first Frenchman to galvanise furniture.. The.. Chaise A.. was the original Tolix prototype, meticulously created by hand with Pauchard hammering away at the sheet metal, curving it into the exact shape, and welding it together.. The result is a compact, stackable chair of disarming simplicity  ...   ships, as well as cafe terraces and public parks before gaining popularity in the domestic market.. All have the distinctive X-shaped reinforcement bars underneath the seat— the initial of founder Xavier Pauchard.. In 2006, Tolix received the.. Living Heritage Enterprise Award.. from the French Ministry.. Tolix continues to manufacture their products in the original factory in Autun, France.. Light, solid, and easy to maintain — The Tolix collection of chairs and stools are stackable, and available in hand-polished Brut Verni (raw metal, varnished) or Galvanised finishes (protective zinc coating) for outdoor use.. Either option can be powder-coated.. Tables are also available.. Thonet is the exclusive Australian importer of Tolix Metal Furniture..

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  • Title: Green - thonet
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  • Title: About Green - thonet
    Descriptive info: GREEN, Italy.. GREEN s.. r.. l is an Italian company specialising in high level furniture.. The Strass Chair, created by.. Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci,.. is a stackable design, constructed from injection-moulded polypropylene.. It offers both comfort and style and adapts to any environment.. Dondoli and Pocci first met in Florence at the Faculty of Architecture where they were part of the same team.. In 1983 they opened an industrial planning and architecture studio called Archirivolto in Tuscany.. Since 1989, the design house has been working exclusively on industrial design.. One  ...   project begins with the direct relationship with the customer, and then a search for the most innovative materials and processes follows.. Dondoli and Pocci believe that for a design t.. o possess real quality, it must be attractive, useful and comfortable.. The Strass chair is all of these things.. Offering ergonomic and functional seating, the Strass armchair and sidechair are ideal for catering, for public places, and for events.. With its clean modern lines and graceful form, the light, stackable Strass fits perfectly into homes, gardens, offices, restaurants, hotels and universities..

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  • Title: Rybo - thonet
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  • Title: Rybo Product Profile - thonet
    Descriptive info: RYBO SIESTA, Norway.. Minimalism, elegance and quality are the key concepts behind the designs of Ingmar Relling.. Relling studied Interior Architecture and Furniture Design at Oslo’s SKHS before eventually setting up his own business in 1950.. Initially, Relling developed the Interior Design side of the business but by 1960 furniture design was his sole focus.. Relling’s award winning Siesta Collection consists of four models: Nobel, Classic, Fiora and Icon.. Designed in the 1960 s (apart from the Nobel, launched in 2010), these are possibly the most comfortable chairs you will ever sit in.. The laminated, form-pressed beech frame and strung canvas  ...   to Norwegian furniture exports.. The light, resilient and elegant chairs reflect the ethos of the Scandinavian design movement of which they were a forerunner.. Today, Relling’s designs are recognised for their classic simplicity—free from unnecessary detail.. Considered a design icon and featured in museums and galleries around the world, the series represented new thinking for both construction and form.. It was crucial to Relling that the designs should be eco-friendly; with optimised use of materials, wood from sustainable forests, maximum durability and reusability.. All are original in terms of construction and have a compact form of expression with a sculptural quality..

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