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  • Title: Starfish Consulting — Franchise Leadership Adviser
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Consulting.. Workshops.. Newsletter.. Contact Us.. Blog.. Subscribe.. Starfish Consulting.. Franchise Leadership Adviser.. Kate Groom.. Kate Groom is a Consultant who specialises in franchising.. She is also an expert in financial communication.. Kate speaks and writes on franchising, business and leadership topics.. While Business Performance Manager with Kwik Kopy Australia, Kate implemented an industry-leading benchmarking program across the whole franchise network.. She also developed and implemented peer-to-peer business improvement programs, and practical business improvement resources.. Kate also worked with under-performing franchises in a turnaround role.. After several years with Kwik Kopy, Kate was appointed General Manager of the SIGNWAVE franchise network (part of the USA-based FASTSIGNS franchise).. In this role she implemented initiatives to adapt the model to the Australian market and improve sales and profitability of franchisee and franchisor.. Kate also managed a significant change in business ownership, including leading the Australian business under new ownership.. Prior to working in Australia, Kate worked in the UK in large and medium-size accounting firms, and in Hong Kong in corporate advice roles.. As a consultant in Australia and the USA, Kate has advised businesses that work with franchises, and provided advice and expertise in financial and business managent to franchisors and franchisees.. She has also developed a wide range of financial eduction and business seminars for franchise.. With over 20 years of business experience in 4 countries, Kate has the skills to think strategically and analytically, simplify the complex, find solutions and communicate to enlighten, inspire and motivate others.. Kate specialises in.. Strategic and Business planning for franchises.. Change management.. Franchise Marketing.. Financial and business management for franchises.. Benchmarking and franchise performance improvement.. Coaching and communication skills for franchises.. Kate has a particular focus on the financial side of franchising.. In this area she works at.. Smart Franchise.. Contact me.. I d love to hear from you.. You can call me on 0466 376 386.. You can also.. contact me via email.. Recommendations.. Kate is one of few people I ve worked with that seems to embrace Stephen Covey s principle of seek first to understand,  ...   performance group program I still remember Kate pleading with me to join the group thanks, Kate, for your persistence.. I am a happier and richer person for being a member of the group.. Kate made the groups successful with her devotion, interaction and determination.. After some years Kate was moved on to bigger things, but we still miss her.. ~ Collette Watson, Kwik Kopy Strathpine.. I really appreciate your support and commitment to this group.. You are a breath of fresh air and a great resource to bounce stuff off.. You have put forth some great ideas and perspectives.. ~ Ian.. “Our business opened six years ago.. During the period of our growth Kate has been pivotal in providing advice that has contributed directly to our success.. In our experience, Kate’s commitment to the success of our business has been second to none.. ” ~ Reg B.. Comments on this entry are closed.. About Starfish Consulting.. I consult with franchise businesses, specifically those with 10-80 franchisees who want to grow.. I work with the director, CEO or General Manager.. From my experience in franchise leadership and coaching, I'm confident of my speciality, which is strategic and business planning and executive coaching for franchises.. For a confidential discussion, please.. Contact us.. New Articles.. 5 ways to boost your franchise sales pipeline.. The Australian election is not cause for pause.. A new year leadership reading diet.. Article Categories.. Business.. Franchising.. General.. Goals.. Leadership.. Sales.. Tags.. Accounts.. Banks.. Benchmarking.. Business Basics.. Business Performance.. Business Value.. cashflow.. change.. Communication.. Community.. Conferences.. Economics.. Faith.. Family.. finance.. Financial Health.. Franchise.. Getting Things Done.. KPIs.. Marketing.. optimism.. Planning.. pricing.. priorities.. productivity.. Profit.. Project 365.. Recession.. retail.. risk management.. sales.. Social Responsibility.. Social Technology.. Startup.. Success.. Sustainability.. Talks.. Wealth.. Word of the week.. Subscribe to our newsletter.. Site Search.. This work is licensed under a.. Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.. 5 Australia License.. Information on this blog is of a general nature and represents my own independent opinion.. Please seek advice for your specific circumstances.. Wordpress customisation by.. Neerav Bhatt.. , Strategy by.. Heidi Allen..

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  • Title: Consulting
    Descriptive info: Specialist franchise advice for franchisors and franchisees who want to:.. Grow and improve their business.. Address the challenges of growth, and the need to adjust and adapt franchise support.. Adapt to the changing franchise and business environment.. Improve franchise relationships.. I focus the following key areas:.. Strategic Business Reviews and Business Planning.. Sales, marketing and business development.. Productivity, profit and business improvement.. Communication skills.. Mentoring and coaching for franchise leaders..  ...   20+ years working in, consulting to and leading businesses.. My fees depend on how we agree to work together.. For most projects we will be able to agree a fixed fee.. The best way to get started is give me a call.. You can call me on: 0466 376 386.. We can discuss what you need, if and how I can help, and talk through the numbers!.. to find out more..

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  • Title: Workshops
    Descriptive info: We deliver a range of interactive workshops on financial and business topics, specially designed for franchisees and franchisor teams.. They are suitable for franchise conferences, regional meetings and team development days.. How to avoid the 7 things that will send your franchise broke.. How to run your new franchise business.. Business planning for franchises.. How to manage challenging times in franchising.. Financial communication for franchise teams.. Financial Management for Franchises 101 and 201.. Best Practice Franchise Benchmarking.. Making KPI’s work for you.. Planning for Profit.. To book a workshop for your next conference or team development day, please.. contact us..

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  • Title: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Your Name (required).. Your Email (required).. Subject.. Your Message.. You can also contact me by phone on 0466 376 386.. or email: kate (dot) groom (the at symbol) starfishconsulting (dot) com (dot) au.. Sorry about the email format: trying to defeat the spammers!..

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  • Title: Starfish Consulting — Franchise Leadership Adviser
    Descriptive info: by.. Kate.. on.. July 26, 2013.. Reliable income streams can be dangerous for a business.. They can lead to business owners and sales people becoming deadened to the critical importance of generating new business.. It s the equivalent of locking the door on your business, and it s something franchise sales people must avoid.. You see, if the bills can be paid today, the pressure to sell is reduced.. The right sales people, and good sales management will reduce the risk.. But for many small businesses, sales efforts seem to go in waves in part due to the inevitable resource juggling that happens when a sale takes place and people get busy.. This pattern is made worse when sales people get tied up in planning, or selling activity is shelved because someone thinks the real problem is branding or marketing and focus turns to that shiny object.. When the prospect to sales cycle is long, a stop-start pattern can be a killer.. The revenue tap simply can t be turned on and fill the bank account immediately with cash.. Franchises can get caught in this type of bind.. Ongoing royalty means the bills can be paid and a missed franchise sales target doesn t seem critical.. But over time the business becomes short on revenue from both new franchise fees and ongoing revenue.. Costs must be cut, and a downward spiral of lower revenue from all sources is set in motion.. The reality for many franchises is they are not putting on enough new franchisees each year to support the ongoing growth of their network.. There might be enough coming in to pay the bills, but it s a survival game.. If network sales are growing at less than 5%, or are going down, then the problem is worse, because there s less coming in to pay the bills.. So, even if the franchising mantra is we don t make money from selling franchises , the reality is, you do.. And there s nothing wrong with that.. In fact, it s responsible franchising to add new locations and charge up front franchise fees.. What then of the franchise sales person faced by a pipeline that s empty?.. Franchise buying has changed.. Franchise lead generation used to be simple.. An ad placed in the classified section of a newspaper would lead to messages on the office answering machine from prospects.. A package of information sent, inquiry forms filled in and after some meetings, a sale happened.. Sometime in the last 7 years, the internet took hold, and the immediate and tangible connection between activity and result in franchise sales started to weaken.. As a result, the franchise buying process has changed.. Prospective franchisees in line with the way we make buying decisions generally have begun expect more information before they even make contact.. Not only this, but prospects have more choice than ever before.. And post GFC, there s a little more financial nervousness.. But what hasn t changed is the need for franchise sales.. So, in order to succeed franchisors and their sales people must adapt to the way the world is now.. It s here that some of the difficulty arises.. You see, adapting does mean some pretty big c.. hanges to lead generation strategies.. , especially regarding content.. So, here we are back to the problem of sales pipelined being lengthened further as the marketers tweak SEO, create videos and build landing pages.. Boost your sales pipeline.. Does this mean the sales person stares at a wall while the marketers get to work? Or if you re the CEO.. and.. the sales person, does it mean focus on something else while the magicians make Google bring you leads? Well, we already know that  ...   or something (relevant) that you have expertise in and others find interesting you never know where a lead will come from! If you re not confident about public speaking, consider joining a Toastmasters group, which is a great environment to learn in.. 4.. Use your existing contacts.. Chances are you have previous prospects and contacts.. Don t waste them! Again, you never know where a lead may come from.. A regular newsletter is simple to set up using.. Mailchimp.. , or other email marketing software.. Learn a bit about email marketing, have a think about what would get people s interest, write some content (or get it written for you), and make it happen.. 5.. Make it easy for people to give referrals.. Referrals can be great, but they don t happen automatically.. Have a think about how you can encourage it within your network.. You might also consider influencers such as accountants and financial advisers.. For example, if you meet an accountant or financial adviser at a networking function, how about having a coffee with them and building a relationship so they know a bit about you, and you them.. The great thing about these ideas is they are fairly quick and simple to implement.. There s no guarantee they will work for you, but sure beats staring at the wall and wondering where the cash will come from.. Image courtesy of nuttakit /.. FreeDigitalPhotos.. net.. Tagged as:.. franchise sales.. ,.. networking.. {.. 0.. comments.. }.. Many people are heading back to work this week.. Back on deck, the same issues will be on their desk as before Christmas.. In case that isn t enough to keep you busy, the weekend papers added to the mix with speculation about what might lie ahead for the economy, together with warm up discussion ahead [.. ].. Read the full article →.. Your business needs you to grow as a leader, but perhaps this year you should read fewer articles on how to be a better leader? Reading them may not help as much as you think.. It s what you do that will make a difference, but are you so busy reading that you don t have time [.. How to have a remarkable new year.. To achieve great things we must work out what to stop doing, and then have the courage and commitment to follow through on that decision.. New Year is a good time to decide what to stop doing to help you have achieve great things.. It could be the most important resolution you make! Many of [.. Three ways past success can stifle business.. Past business success can stifle needed change.. It can blind you to the need for change, or make it hard to push through the discomfort and disruption of new ways.. Here are three things to watch out for as you consider changes needed to take your business to the next level.. Moving house, even moving [.. Do you really need a business plan for 2013?.. As 2013 commences, you might be thinking about goals for the year.. If you are, don t just make goals do the planning that will help you accomplish them.. Business planning helps a business be successful.. Unfortunately, many small businesses underperform because their leaders either have no plan, or the one they have isn t appropriate [.. Money can t buy you love.. Money can t buy you love, and it can t buy you happiness either.. But we need it, so how can we get it in perspective? Here are some Sunday musings on money.. In his book “Authentic Happiness”, Martin Seligman suggests what many of us are pretty sure is true “money can’t buy your happiness”.. We [.. Previous Entries..

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  • Title: 5 ways to boost your franchise sales pipeline
    Descriptive info: Leave a Comment.. Name.. *.. E-mail.. Website.. Previous post:..

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  • Title: The Australian election is not cause for pause
    Descriptive info: January 6, 2013.. In case that isn t enough to keep you busy, the weekend papers added to the mix with speculation about what might lie ahead for the economy, together with warm up discussion ahead of the Federal Election.. No doubt we ll soon read and hear people talking about how the election year means nobody is making decisions.. Don t believe them.. Perhaps some might allow distractions to rob them of momentum, but can you afford it?.. The politicians are in election mode, but you ve got a business to run, customers to serve and sales to make so you can pay bills.. Business can t afford to stay in a holding pattern.. If it does, a price is likely to be paid in the months and years  ...   targets.. For yachts in the Sydney to Hobart race, there s nothing the skippers can do about the weather.. It is what it is.. But they can set course, and trim sail according to the conditions.. Likewise business must operate in the political and economic climate we have, and push on anyway.. Your challenge in the months ahead will be to focus on your destination, and the actions to move towards this, whatever happens in Canberra or the broader economy and despite what you read in the papers.. P.. S.. I know there are plenty of people who have been hard at work during the holiday season; in service business, retail and health and emergency services.. So a quick Thank you to you for keeping things going.. decisions.. politics.. Next post:..

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  • Title: A new year leadership reading diet
    Descriptive info: January 3, 2013.. It s what you do that will make a difference, but are you so busy reading that you don t have time to work out what matters most?.. I m continuing today with the theme from earlier this week: working out what not to do in 2013, so you have the capacity to.. create a remarkable year.. A look at the Twitterverse, snippets of advice on Linkedin and shared pictures on Facebook and Pinterest could yield a new most important question to ask every day.. With many such questions, if you were to stop and give the question serious consideration you d be caught up for a day reflecting on it.. That s not to say there aren t some good questions to ask.. One of the characteristics of a good leader is they ask good questions.. Questions are a key to insights that help us improve.. Unless we ask questions, we face the risk of mindlessly repeating mistakes, failing to perceive the need for change and limiting our personal growth.. Reading just one more article might yield that perfect question.. Might..  ...   reading diet:.. Rather than dive into every random leadership article or Tweet, choose one book a month, read it, reflect and discuss with others around you.. Limit your casual browsing and reading to a specific day/time or source (use bookmarks or favourites as needed).. Purge unread stuff regularly.. Broaden your reading.. History, biography and fiction can all yield leadership lessons.. Now, if you were going to take on board a couple of things to read or view, which will give you food for thought for weeks ahead, here are a couple to consider.. (Yes, I do know I am giving you more to consider, but these really are worthwhile perhaps schedule a time for them later?).. In.. this article.. , Les McKeown, nails it on the need for us to make time to think our leadership is to make a difference.. What I enjoy about Les writing is that it s practical advice, real world things you can do.. It s a short article.. Give it a go!.. And this talk by Ben Zander is still one of my favourite leadership videos from TED.. reading..

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  • Title: Business
    Descriptive info: From the category archives:.. Are you really out of ideas?.. October 3, 2012.. Being stuck in a rut doesn t necessarily mean you can t solve a problem.. You might just need to get out of the rut.. Here s a quote from The Economist A-Z of Business quotations, which neatly expresses ideas of places to look for opportunity.. We usually find gas  ...   Flow Stress.. October 9, 2011.. Regardless of what you think about the likelihood of economic meltdown, if you own, manage or are responsible for results in an organisation you d be bonkers not to consider what the current turmoil means for that business.. Cash flow is one area that deserves attention.. Cash is notoriously tight between January and March and it s [..

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  • Title: Franchising
    Descriptive info: The benefits of business awards.. June 9, 2012.. Business owners have plenty to fill their days, so is it worth the effort to enter business awards competitions? Having entered awards in the past and as a judge in the City of Sydney Business Awards, I know the work involved.. Still it can be well worth considering.. Last night I attended the 2012 Hurstville [..

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  • Title: General
    Descriptive info: December 29, 2012.. Jim Collins.. comment.. December 28, 2012.. October 14, 2012.. financial stress.. money.. How to get a return on your conference investment.. October 13, 2012.. I’ve been thinking about conference return on investment after attending the FCA National Franchise Conference earlier this week.. We’re all looking after the dollars these days, and conference budgets are a prime one for the accountants to put under the microscope.. A conference can be a fantastic business and learning opportunity, but it won t happen [.. Sunday reflection and some Mozart.. October 7, 2012.. Sunday is a  ...   the important things for me to achieve in my my work, my personal life, and for my health and wellbeing? What will I choose to do with this hour, this day, this [.. Why I m not giving up now.. Today is Day 14 of my Project 365 and it would probably be a good idea to give up on it and even so I am committed to continuing.. This post is a bit reflective, as I take a breather and think about the next bit of the journey.. I had an idea my writing [..

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