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  • Title: Merric Reese | Looking for giants so I can see a little further…
    Descriptive info: .. Merric Reese.. Looking for giants so I can see a little further.. Home.. Cool Wall.. Who Is Merric Reese?.. Contact Me.. Panasonic PT-AE900E fan noise is actually the Dynamic Iris.. July 5, 2014.. 1 comment.. My Panasonic PT-AE900E projector (same as PT-AE900U) is getting a bit long in the tooth and started making a noise that sounded like a PC power supply fan that is about to die (or a couple of marbles rolling around the bottom of the projector).. The sound appears as soon as the projector is turned on and remains there until the project is switched off.. I pulled the projector apart (not for the faint-heared) to see if I could find the fan that was about to cease up but they all seemed fine.. After some additional research on Google I found this.. AVS forum.. discussing a similar noise and it suggested disabling the dynamic iris as that could be the cause of the issue.. I eventually found the.. PT-AE900E Service Manual.. (thanks to Garry Tan s.. blog post.. ).. Fortunately, I also found this.. Youtube Video.. on a fix for the dynamic iris an older model Panasonic projector.. The iris control is a little bit harder to get to on the AE900E but the iris control is accessed through the lamp cover the same way.. The video suggests using CRC or WD40 on a cotton bud but I chose to use some sewing machine oil.. When I first moved the iris it took about 1/2 a second to go from fully open to fully closed.. After lubricating the iris shaft and spring (as per the video) it now shuts in a couple of milliseconds.. After closing up the projector and testing it the noise is completely gone the dynamic iris is now working as expected.. I also found this.. Spare Parts.. suppler in Australia in case you need a replacement iris.. Usual warnings Make sure the projector is unplugged before performing any of the above, be extremely careful and don t try this unless your confident you know what you are doing.. Categories:.. Technology.. Tags:.. Dynamic Iris.. ,.. Fan.. Fix.. Panasonic.. Projector.. PT-AE900E.. PT-AE900U.. Kubuntu 12.. 04 LTS on a Dell T1600 with Nvidia Card.. July 17, 2012.. I ve been trying to install Kubuntu 12.. 04 LTS on a Dell T1600 for about 45 minutes now.. Each time it boots off the CD it ends up on a blank screen with a cursor flashing in the top left corner of the screen.. The install has obviously hung but there is no feedback.. I also burnt a new CD incase it was the issue but still no joy.. So, as always, Google is my friend and I ve found several other people (even with different distros) having the same problem and it appears to be related to the nvidia card in the system and the open source drivers.. Using the open source nouveau driver will cause the install to hang.. There is also some threads mentioning that it may be a kernel bug.. There are a couple of solutions I ve seen for this so far.. Use the nomodeset option in the boot options to force the system to use VESA drivers more info at.. http://askubuntu.. com/questions/131435/can-i-force-kubuntu-installer-to-use-nvidia-driver-not-nouveau.. time is of the essence for me so I didn t try this but it looks like it may work.. You will still need to fix the Nvidia driver after you have completed the install.. My system has an additional Nvidia card so it can be used as a multi display system.. As I m building this system as a headless Splunk server I don t need multi displays on this system so I just removed the card and used the default (on board) VGA display.. For me, this solved the problem and I was immediately able to boot the X64 live CD and start the install.. I have another box with the same config that I will need to configure multi display.. I have more time to build that box so I will dig a bit deeper into the cause of the issue and hopefully be albe to resolve the issue.. I ll post what I discover.. As alway comments and questions are welcome.. General.. Dell.. Kubuntu.. Linux.. Nvidia.. Splunk.. ubuntu.. Firefox 4 Tips.. March 19, 2011.. Comments off.. The final version of Firefox 4.. 0 is scheduled for release on March 22nd so I upgraded to the latest Firefox 4.. 0 Release Candidate last night and so far so  ...   it s the WDTV Live Hub with a 1TB internal 2.. 5 drive and a new interface.. I usually treat myself to an upgrade around Christmas and flow the older models down the line retiring the oldest but I m still um ing and ar ing this year.. The Live Hub seems to be the same WDTV Live with a new skin on the current Live platform, a new form factor and an internal drive.. From what I ve been able to find out the Live Hub it also won t be getting any of B-Rad s love anytime soon either.. So I would be tied to WD updates.. Saying that I must admit.. Read more.. decision.. Hub.. Live.. questions.. usabilty.. WDTV.. Don t let your hats gather too much dust.. May 12, 2010.. 3 comments.. Which of your hats have been gathering too much dust lately?.. The last few weeks at work have been extremely hectic, lots of late nights / early mornings, project planning and re-planning, bubble diagrams, gantt charts and technical strategy along with the many other daily distractions that make life in Information Technology very interesting to say the least.. Finally, I m sitting here at 11:00pm waiting to verify some new changes in production after midnight and I ve finally found time to sit down, open Google Reader and start to catch up on the multitude of blogs and alerts I ve been neglecting lately.. I came across this one post that really resonated with me.. RIP Dr Seuss.. (Mark Cohen) It s not just about missing out on finishing your book it s also about making the most of the time you have.. That got me thinking about what I have been doing lately, how caught up in work I ve been and then I remembered.. A wise mentor once told me that each day we all wear many hats manager, employee, mentor, supplier, customer, educator, student, husband, father, son, and many, many more some hats will always demand to be worn more often than others, some hats we don t want to wear, and some hats we should wear more often than we do.. I still remember my mentors words of wisdom to this very day No matter how many hats you have, don t let any of them be too demanding or gather too much dust and pay special attention to the ones related to family.. Time for me to dust off some of my less worn hats how about you?.. balance.. Life.. Work.. Social Media Wasteland.. April 20, 2010.. Social Starlights seem to be in a Social Media Wasteland lately and their advise is definitely left wanting.. I m a huge proponent of Social Media and I have personally gained numerous opportunities by taking up the social opportunities presented to me.. I ve grown through the opportunity to meet with all kinds of people in the social media space, hear their thoughts and appreciate their issues.. I can say that I m much more connected to the community now than ever.. What I find very unsatisfactory is what I call the role of a social media Starlight.. While well respected, the Starlights seem unwilling.. Social Media.. Advice.. Dunbar.. Older Entries.. RSS.. feed.. Google.. Youdao.. Xian Guo.. Zhua Xia.. My Yahoo!.. newsgator.. Bloglines.. iNezha.. Web eCommerce Manager.. - Social Media Social Commerce enthusiast - enjoys the daily challenge of pre-empting the next question while delivering the next solution.. Search Merric s Blog.. Search for:.. Tags.. Auto text.. Blackberry.. Blogging.. Colaboration.. Communication.. Email.. hack.. how-to.. Insight.. Man.. Microsoft.. MythTv.. Outlook.. Perfect Gift.. script.. Trust.. Twitter.. Wave.. Win7.. Windows.. Windows 7.. YouTube.. Top Posts.. WDTV Live Hub - time for an upgrade?.. Categories.. Past Posts.. July 2014.. (1).. July 2012.. March 2011.. December 2010.. (2).. May 2010.. April 2010.. March 2010.. February 2010.. January 2010.. November 2009.. October 2009.. September 2009.. July 2009.. Follow MerricReese On Twitter.. A Look At Lumus, The Amazing Lens Technology That Is Going To Change Wearables.. flip.. it/ELpya.. #yam.. 7 months ago.. 3D printing in color with different polymer materials - excellent!!!.. computerworld.. com/s/article/9245….. 8 months ago.. Total blackout just happened where I am - still watching.. #Tropfest.. thanks to SBS live streaming, laptop 3G - awesome films again.. 10 months ago.. Top.. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.. com.. The INove Theme.. Merric Reese.. Follow.. Follow Merric Reese.. Get every new post delivered to your Inbox.. Join 86 other followers.. Powered by WordPress.. Add your thoughts here.. (optional).. Post to.. Cancel..

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  • Title: Cool Wall | Merric Reese
    Descriptive info: Leave a comment.. Go to comments.. Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world.. Thought of You.. This had to make the cool wall it s awesome.. Sand Art One man s Dream 2010.. Marketing Now Conference September 22-23, 2009.. Here is a link to the posterous site for the Marketing Now conference well worth checking this out.. http://marketingnow.. posterous.. com/.. The One Video you need to watch this year.. If you re involved in management or human motivation, you need to watch no other video than this one, this year.. Social Media Revolution.. Is Social Media a fad? or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution?.. Validation.. I found this on YouTube 2.. 2Million views I guarantee it will make you smile.. Validation is a fable about the magic of free parking.. Like this:.. Like.. Loading.. Comments (2)..  ...   both reading and commenting.. But so what, it was still worth it!.. best cheap canvas.. October 5, 2014 at 8:21 am.. Thaanks , I have just been looking for info approximately this topic for a while and yours is the greatest.. I ve found out so far.. However, what in regards to.. the bottom line? Are you sure concerning thee source?.. No trackbacks yet.. Leave a Reply.. Cancel reply.. Enter your comment here.. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.. Email.. (required).. (Address never made public).. Name.. Website.. You are commenting using your WordPress.. com account.. (.. Log Out.. /.. Change.. You are commenting using your Twitter account.. You are commenting using your Facebook account.. You are commenting using your Google+ account.. Connecting to %s.. Notify me of new comments via email.. %d.. bloggers like this:..

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  • Title: Who Is Merric Reese? | Merric Reese
    Descriptive info: That is a really good question, when I finally figure it out I ll let you know until then, all I can say is I ve gained an incredible amount of useful information from others on the Internet over the last 20+ years and while I ve been contributing to forums and discussions for many years, I really want to contribute something more substantial back to the online community.. I see my blog as a  ...   provide me with comments and honest feedback that is the only way I m going to continue to improve.. What have I been up to lately?.. Currently employed with Coles since 2004 and my current role is Head of Ecommerce Evolution.. More detail is coming soon (just as soon as I get a chance) but until then, feel free to take a look at my.. Linked-In profile.. Comments (0).. No comments yet.. Blog at WordPress..

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  • Title: Contact Me | Merric Reese
    Descriptive info: I really encourage you to send me any feedback you may have or alternatively just drop me a note to say hi.. You could also contact me through any of the following tools:.. Follow Merric Reese.. on Twitter.. Find Merric Reese.. on Linked-In.. Name.. Message..

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  • Title: Panasonic PT-AE900E fan noise is actually the Dynamic Iris | Merric Reese
    Descriptive info: Panasonic PT-AE900E fan noise is actually the Dynamic Iris.. About these ads.. Related.. Comments (1).. shizzlaz.. eu.. August 30, 2014 at 11:32 pm.. What s up, after reading this awesome piece of writing.. i am also glad to share my know-how here with colleagues.. Comments are closed..

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  • Title: Merric Reese | Merric Reese
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  • Title: Technology | Merric Reese
    Descriptive info: Archive for the Technology Category.. Just Google Wave Me.. March 18, 2010.. I m lov n Google Wave lately and being a relatively early adopter, I can honestly say the Wave platform is much more stable now and the additional new features have really enhanced the Wave experience.. I ve been spreading the potential benefits of Wave since I first saw the.. preview.. in July 2009.. Why? Well when was the last time you saw a real revolution in communication?.. I see potential applications for Google Wave in a corporate environment many times per day bring on federation and the ability to run Wave behind the firewall and the growth of Wave will be exponential anyone that has ever used a forum or wiki will immediately gravitate towards wave.. Overall, the best way to think about Google Wave is in terms of a hosted conversations rather than.. Upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate RTM from Win7 RC1 without a re-install.. February 27, 2010.. 6 comments.. For the last 2 weeks my laptop has been complaining that the Window7 RC1 OS I currently have installed is about to expire and I should upgrade.. I have no problem with making the move to the Win7 RTM version (I ve had the disk for about a month) it s been a matter of finding the time to go through the process of a complete re-install of both the OS and all of my applications.. Then there is the usual 1 to 2 days of tuning to  ...   any more, I can t remember the last time I wrote a piece of production code and in my current role believe me that s probably a good thing I now leave that to the expert Java developers in my team.. But, I came across my first MythTV recording that was from CH10 (Aus) and like all commercial channels it had ads Argh!!!.. To be honest I don t watch that much commercial TV anymore so to be honest, this is rare, but it was a show that we regularly watch so it became a priority.. :).. Anyway, from my recent experience,.. MythTV.. does a really great job of recording anything you point it at and it s also very good at finding and flagging most of the TV ads but it s really not very good at finding the start end of a show and trust me if you record anything on CH10 unless you leave 5 mins before the scheduled start of the show and at least and 15 mins after the scheduled finish you are going to miss it.. To magnify issues somewhat we were watching the show upstairs on a non MythTV player SO THERE WAS NO AUTO AD SKIPPING and at that point it was game over I needed to find something to fix the ad problem or next time (you know the rest).. Well, as always in IT, the answer is always more complicated that was originally envisioned So there are two parts to this simple endeavor..

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