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  • Title: Goldrush Ballooning, Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Adelaide.. Fleurieu Peninsula.. Gallery.. About Us.. Contact Us.. Employment.. Conditions of Sale.. Operational Limits.. History.. Vacancies.. Gift Vouchers.. Customer Reviews.. Goldrush Ballooning.. South Australia.. Fly with Adelaide's largest ballooning operation.. We fly seven days a week, weather permitting.. The warmer months are almost upon us, remember the warmer months are not ideal for ballooning.. We ask that you phone the office with any questions about our flying in the hotter months.. The company will be closed during the month of February, including the office.. Goldrush Ballooning was established in 2000 and has flown thousands of very happy customers and operates mainly in the Strathalbyn area which is part of the.. Fleurieu.. Peninsula.. , not far from.. We also conduct seasonal operations in.. other regions.. Check out our customer review page.. Few things in life can compare to the thrill and exhilaration of a  ...   and life.. The feeling of floating in an open balloon basket feeling a new found freedom is totally unlike any other flying adventures.. Experience sunrise like never before - floating over vineyards, townships and wide open spaces from the serenity of a hot air balloon.. Ballooning choices in.. are.. or.. Barossa.. Valley.. , Goldrush Ballooning provides the closest choice (.. ) with easy travel via the South Eastern freeway.. Corporate rewards, family events, a gift voucher is a wonderful present.. Our specialties, fulfilling dreams and creating lifetime memories.. We take pride in what we do, and safety of our passengers is number one priority.. So to make your flight as safe as possible we monitor weather conditions continually, and if it is not suitable, the flight is cancelled.. WEATHER AND BALLOONING - CLICK HERE!.. |.. Site Compatibility.. Site content Copyright 2014 Everything4web.. Site Design.. Program Copyright..

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  • Title: Goldrush Ballooning, Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia
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  • Title: Ballooning in the Fleurieu Peninsula region of South Australia
    Descriptive info: Ballooning in Strathalbyn.. Strathalbyn a rustic South Australian town.. Ballooning in historic Strathalbyn is a great way to spend a day when visiting.. Strathalbyn, on the eastern slopes of the Adelaide Hills is a pleasant one hour drive from.. via the South Eastern Freeway and in the popular.. region.. Launch time.. Goldrush balloon flights are always at dawn when the air is cool and calm.. We aim to launch just as the sun rises.. We meet our passengers at the.. Strathalbyn Visitor Information Centre,.. located at the old railway station, on South Terrace, an hour before sunrise.. This is the start of our adventures.. Toilet facilities available, your last opportunity.. Once we have greeted you, making sure all expected passengers are present, we transport you in our vehicles to one of our launch sites, the choice of which depends on the wind direction on the day.. Inflating the Balloon.. At the launch site we inflate the balloon, even asking our passengers to be involved, this takes around half an hour.. Once everyone is aboard your adventure begins, so have your cameras ready.. Our ground crew will be happy to take photos of yourself in the balloon immediately prior to takeoff using your cameras..  ...   then serve you with a glass of chilled sparking wine, orange juice and chocolates.. This gives you an opportunity to chat with each other about the wonderful experience you ve just enjoyed.. Regrettably then we have a little bit more work to do, i.. e.. pack away the balloon and load it and the basket back onto the trailer, again with the aid of some of our passengers.. It s then back to Strathalbyn, for a full sit down breakfast at one of Strath s finest venues.. Relax and make your choice from their menu.. A lasting memento.. To ensure you have a permanent reminder of your amazing day, we present all passengers with a Flight Certificate signed by the pilot.. What to wear?.. The coldest you will be is when we first meet, and on the launch field, so we say "dress in layers" that way you can take a coat or jacket off and leave in retrieve vehicle.. We recommend a flat covered shoe like a boot or sandshoe.. No strappy sandals or thongs will be permitted neither will shorts or short sleeve shirts.. DO NOT WEAR ANYTHING SYNTHETIC (outer clothing only).. If confused about this please ring and speak to us..

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  • Title: Explore Strathalbyn, South Australia
    Descriptive info: Our Town Strathalbyn.. Strathalbyn, home of Goldrush Ballooning..

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  • Title: Enjoy our ballooning photos
    Descriptive info: Picture gallery..

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  • Title: Goldrush Ballooning, top South Australian Balloon Operator
    Descriptive info: About the Goldrush Ballooning Team.. Ian Hogben.. Ian is an owner, director of Goldrush Ballooning, and chief Pilot, and has been part of the company since 2001.. Main backgrounds include: engineering, electronics and avionics.. Former Operations Manager for the Australian Ballooning Federation and currently National Training Officer.. Ian has been involved in hot air ballooning since 1993 and has been a commercial balloon pilot since 1998, holding license endorsements for all hot air balloon classes.. Ian's operations as chief pilot for Goldrush in numerous areas, namely, Flinders Ranges, Tasmania, Victoria, NSW and SW Qld.. as well as locally in Strathalbyn, make Goldrush the most regionally experienced operation in the Adelaide area.. Current qualifications and ratings: Private pilot instructor and examiner, night rating, commercial instructor and Balloon Maintenance Authority.. Still enjoys private flying and sharing the flying with friends and passengers.. Stephen Kenny.. Is a fire-fighter with the metropolitan fire service and has been for the last 20 years.. He joined Goldrush Ballooning 3 years ago and at that stage was a private pilot training to become a commercial pilot.. Steven has many years under his belt and qualifies as follows: Private Flying instructor/Examiner, ABF State Rep,  ...   we dont see as much of him as we should.. Watch this space!.. We currently have balloons under utilised, to remedy this and to be able to offer more passenger places, we are pleased to report we have recruited a standby pilot.. We also have two others, training from the ranks of private pilot.. Kate Knight (Girl Wonder).. Kate has been around ballooning for the last 15 years, starting off as crew; she worked with many pilots gaining a wealth of knowledge along the way.. Kate has travelled all over Australia ballooning, and was lucky enough to go to Albuquerque in the States, the ballooning capital of the world.. Kate has worked with many balloons of all shapes sizes.. Kate is now the Admin Manager of Goldrush and is the customer s first point of contact; she handles all the bookings, customer s questions and anything else the guys throw her way.. Kate loves to go for a fly herself when the boys give her time out of the office, which she tells us is not often enough.. Kate has many stories she loves to share about ballooning and her years on the road around balloons..

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  • Title: Contact details for Goldrush Ballooning Pty Ltd
    Descriptive info: Contact Goldrush Ballooning.. Email Form.. Your Email:.. Subject:.. Your Name:.. Body:.. Copy to You:.. close window.. Goldrush Ballooning Pty.. Ltd.. ABN 87 092 580 348.. PO Box 594.. North Adelaide SA 5006.. 08 8536 4500.. We at Goldrush have beautifully designed Gift vouchers, these make the perfect gift for anyone who is celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, corporate rewards, or just that someone you would like to spoil.. All vouchers are valid for.. 12 months.. from issue date and are.. non refundable..  ...   by phone please call the Office.. on.. 08 8536 4500.. during business hours.. Office opening times.. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday.. 10:00am to 4:00 pm CST.. 10:30am to 4:30pm EST.. Not open Sat Sun.. Visiting the office is by appointment only.. Office may sometimes be closed on quieter days but please leave a message.. Privacy: Goldrush Ballooning does collect some personal information from customers.. We guarentee Goldrush will maintain this information in a secure manner and will not disclose to any third party..

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  • Title: Employment opportunities with Goldrush Ballooning
    Descriptive info: Employment with Goldrush Ballooning.. Are you looking for some casual weekend work? Are you fit? We may have a job for you.. Then Goldrush Ballooning would like to hear from you.. Goldrush Ballooning is always on the look out for people to crew for the hot air balloons.. You must be able to drive a manual four wheel drive, be over the age of 21.. (insurance reasons)..  ...   some physical effort and a committment to safety.. Personal presentation is important, as you would be part of a team dealing with the customers.. Our customers are our business and our first priority.. Map reading and basic navigation skills essential.. Applicants must be able to handle early starts (prior to dawn).. If this sounds like you, then ring and speak to us for further information 08 8536 4500..

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  • Title: The legal bits, conditions and terms
    Descriptive info: The legal stuff.. , reserves the right to cancel any scheduled flight, either if there are not enough passengers to make it financially viable, or if weather conditions are forecast to be either unsafe or unpleasant.. Purchase of our services indicates agreement to our terms and conditions and is legally binding.. Generally, we need at least 4-8 passengers to be financially viable.. We will stay on the ground if the wind speed at launch time is 15 kilometres per hour or more.. Although we are able to fly in light rain, we usually choose not to because such conditions tend to be unpleasant.. Also, we try to avoid rain because a wet balloon envelope will attract mildew if not flown again within a few days.. As a commercial operation with a special duty of care, we are conservative about calling flights on.. If there is any doubt in our minds about the weather, we tend to call flights off in sufficient time to allow those passengers coming from out of town to cancel their travel and accommodation arrangements.. However, we do not guarantee to do so, and will not  ...   refundable.. Voucher holders should make every attempt to book a flight early in their validity period as weather conditions may result in booking cancellations.. Third party or agent vouchers are included in these conditions of sale.. We have no responsibilty to fly any voucher holder with an unpaid voucher.. IMPORTANT.. Please be kind enough to respect the delicate financial tight-rope that we walk.. Our balloons are not like trains where the non-arrival of one or two passengers is barely noticed.. Even a single cancellation can amount to a 20% loss of income, and a 100% loss of profit for the flight.. Accordingly, your deposit is liable to be forfeited if you cancel your booking less than 48 hours before your scheduled flight.. If you cancel your booking within 24 hours of your scheduled flight for whatever reason including illness, or fail to arrive for your flight, and fail to send a suitable substitute in your place, you will not only lose your deposit but be liable to pay the balance of the ticket price.. Any voucher holders will lose the validity of their voucher.. Read about our Operational Limits..

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  • Title: Operational limits for Goldrush Ballooning
    Descriptive info: Operational limits for Goldrush Ballooning.. The first lesson one learns in ballooning is when NOT to fly.. What can be ideal conditions for other activities can often be unsuitable for ballooning.. Regardless of the weather conditions at launch time, we must consider the likely conditions when landing.. Safety is not an accident.. Far better to be on the ground wishing we are up than in the air wishing we are down.. Indeed, we're always mindful that the takeoff is optional but the landing is compulsory.. Company Policy.. Our policy is to stay on the ground if the wind speed at launch time is 15 kph or more, or if the higher winds are blowing at more than 25 kph, and are likely to mix with the lower winds within 75 minutes of take-off.. We are also wary of flying if the temperature at launch time is 15 C or more.. Even in Winter, the temperature in the top of  ...   shorten the life of the envelope by as much as one third.. Also, we try to avoid rain because a balloon envelope when packed wet can attract mildew if not dried out promptly.. Other Factors to Consider.. Other factors that we consider when deciding whether or not to fly include.. wind direction.. our height above sea level.. the total weight of our balloon and passengers.. the age, health and fitness of our passengers.. the mental and physical state of the pilot on the day.. the presence or not of fog and low cloud.. the existence or otherwise of a low-level temperature inversion.. the existence or not of an approaching cold front and/or rain.. the existence of and/or potential for thermic conditions.. the potential for gusting caused by thunderstorms.. the potential for wind shear and curl-over.. the existence or not of a total fire ban.. our fuel quality and quantity.. fuel pressure, and.. the terrain that we expect to fly into..

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  • Title: History of hot air ballooning
    Descriptive info: History, where it all started.. The History of Ballooning.. The Montgolfier brothers Joseph and Jacques born in Annonay France were the inventors of the first practical balloon.. In 1782, while watching a fire in his fireplace, Joseph became interested in the "force" that caused the sparks and smoke to rise.. He made a small bag out of silk and lit a fire under the opening at the bottom causing it to rise.. The brothers thought the burning created a gas which they called "Montgolfier gas".. They didn't realize that their balloons rose because the heated air inside was lighter than the surrounding air.. Joseph was first inspired by the clouds and dreamed of floating amongst them.. His first experiment was to fill a paper bag with steam.. It was unsuccessful, yielding no more exciting findings than a sodden mass of paper.. Joseph's brother, Jacques, attempted to make a paper bag float with hydrogen gas obtained from sulphuric acid and iron  ...   hopes, what was really no more than a 38ft paper-lined linen bag took to the sky.. The paper was lined with alum for fireproofing and the segments were held together by over 2000 buttons.. This contraption rose to a height of 1000m and flew for over a mile.. On September 19th, the Montgolfier brothers conducted a royal demonstration in Versailles.. A sheep, a duck, and a rooster become the first hot air balloon passengers.. King Louis XVI was not impressed by the stench of the dense smoke,.. but the brothers believed at the time that it was the smoke that was causing the balloon to rise.. Wool, straw and old shoes were used to try and make the densest smoke possible.. It was only until later that it was realized that it was the heat that was important, not the smoke.. The first manned balloon flight took place on November 21st 1783,.. Ballooning has come a long way since this then..

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    Archived pages: 213