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  • Title: Experience Flight - Experience the Magic of Flight
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. How it Works.. Contact.. Featured Activities.. Sunrise Balloon Flight over Melbourne.. $440.. Economy 20 Minute Glider Flight.. $160.. 10,000ft Tandem Beach Skydive (Midweek).. $249.. 60 Minute F/A-18 Fighter Experience.. $198.. 120 Minute Jet Flight Simulator Experience.. $289.. 50 Minute Trial Instructional Flight.. $238.. Formation Flight 20 Minute Aerobatic Experience - 2 People.. $799.. 90 Minute Jet Flight Simulator Experience.. $219..  ...   Vineyard Assault Flight.. $199.. 70 Minute Trial Instructional Flight.. $298.. City Flyer – 60 Minute Experience.. $295.. Military Fast Jet Flight.. $2200.. Dog Fight Air Combat Mission.. $3600.. Search Activities.. Browse Activities.. All.. Hot Air Balloon.. Simulator.. Gliding.. Warbird.. Skydiving.. Aerobatic.. Jet.. Scenic.. Helicopter.. Learn To Fly.. How It Works.. |.. List With Us.. Terms Conditions.. Privacy Policy.. Copyright 2014.. Experience Flight..

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  • Title: How It Works - Experience Flight
    Descriptive info: We sell flight activities online for flying organisations all around Australia.. Whether you wish to experience flight yourself, or give someone a flight experience as a Gift, this site is for you.. It's as easy as this:.. Find the flight experience that you wish to buy (for yourself or as a gift for someone else).. Click purchase.. Select whether the experience is for you or someone else.. Enter your payment details.. We electronically deliver a PDF voucher.. Organise a date time with the experience provider.. Enjoy the experience of flight!..

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  • Title: Contact - Experience Flight
    Descriptive info: Phone: 1300 88 55 28.. Contact Form.. Name.. Email.. Message..

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  • Title: Sunrise Balloon Flight over Melbourne - Global Ballooning - Experience Flight
    Descriptive info: Global Ballooning Sunrise Balloon Flight over Melbourne.. Melbourne, VIC.. Buy Now for $440.. For 1 Person.. 12 month validity.. Instant electronic delivery.. Organise timeslot after purchase.. A sunrise balloon flight over Melbourne is a truly remarkable experience.. There are few major cities in the world that can be traversed by hot air balloon and there certainly is no better way to take in Australia's second largest city.. In the early morning light you will drift by the array of parks and gardens that make Melbourne the world's most liveable city.. As the city comes to life you will look down on some of the cities iconic sporting venues like the MCG, Melbourne Park and Albert Park racetrack.. If you are looking for a romantic soft adventure that gives you a peek at city life from a totally different angle then Ballooning over Melbourne is a must.. Balloon flights over Melbourne appeal to people of all ages young and old alike.. We offer complimentary transfers from all Melbourne CBD hotels and generally you would be back at your hotel before 9am (depending on the time of year).. These flights have been specifically designed to have you back in time to pick up another tour, go shopping or go to work.. What's Included.. Details.. Location.. Company.. One hour sunrise balloon flight over Melbourne city.. Complimentary hotel pick-up.. Flight certificate.. Complimentary souvenir pack including wine tasting voucher for Domaine Chandon winery.. Important.. All passengers must phone the Melbourne City duty pilot the night before flight between 6.. 00pm and 6.. 30pm on mobile number 0488 686 555 to confirm weather forecast and pick up time from city hotel.. When you check in, your duty pilot will confirm your meeting time and the weather report.. If the flight is going ahead you will either speak to the pilot or hear a message detailing the meeting time.. If the weather forecast is poor, or the flight is likely to be cancelled for any other reason the pilot will either leave a message or explain to you the details of the situation.. Occasionally, in changeable weather conditions, the pilot may arrange to speak to you or to leave a message for a final confirmation early in the morning.. Pilots will NOT be available for check in after 7.. 00pm in the evening.. Please check in on time as you may be inconvenienced or jeopardise your flight.. If you do not arrive at the specified venue for the flight, the ticket is forfeited and no refund will be made.. Morning of Flight - Overview.. We meet at your hotel before first light (you will be advised of the exact time the evening before your flight).. Your pilot will give you a short briefing.. You will then be transported to the launch site where you may  ...   launch field.. Undercover parking is available inside the Hilton hotel for a discounted rate of $5 for Global Ballooning passengers - please see the Hilton concierge staff after your flight.. Metered parking is available on Wellington Parade or Clarendon Street.. Flight.. Then, away we go, gently floating over Melbourne in our beautiful hot air balloon.. Your balloon flight will last for approximately one hour.. After we make our final landing and pack the balloon away, we head back to The Hilton On the Park.. What to Wear and Bring.. Ballooning is an audience participation activity and you will be encouraged to assist with the set up and pack away of the balloon.. It is an active morning in the outdoors, so wear clothes that can get stained or dirty.. The burners can sometimes drip water mixed with Carbon.. Global Ballooning will not be responsible for clothing that is stained or damaged as a part of our adventure activity.. Wear clothes as for hiking, including sturdy shoes, warm socks and a cap or beanie, plus sunglasses if you wish.. We meet before sunrise so depending on the time of year and weather, it can be extremely cold.. Generally it will not be any colder in the air during the flight than on the ground, so wear layered clothing that can be removed as the day warms up.. The burners can radiate heat so a hat is recommended.. Your feet can get wet and cold in the early morning dew, you may like to bring a change of socks.. High-heeled shoes are not suitable.. Don't forget your camera!.. Global Ballooning is Victoria’s largest hot air ballooning company, offering flights over Melbourne city and the Yarra Valley.. With a fleet of 16 passenger balloons of varying sizes, Global Ballooning caters to all the needs of passengers wishing to experience the joy of ‘lighter than air’ flight and award-winning service.. Kiff Saunders is Global Ballooning’s owner and chief pilot.. He has flown balloons throughout Australia and the world.. He holds Australia’s highest ballooning qualifications and has been inducted into the Australian Ballooning Federation ‘Hall of Fame’.. Global Ballooning is also Victoria’s only sustainable ballooning company.. Global Ballooning has bought carbon offsets to replant native vegetation to absorb the emissions of 500 balloon flights for a 12 month period, in a commitment to give our passengers a cleaner conscience and a cleaner environment.. The vegetation that will be planted near Macedon Ranges, Victoria on our behalf will consist of pre - 1750 species - including eucalypts, wattles, native grasses and wild flowers.. As a result, by flying with Global Ballooning you will be helping to restore biodiversity and essential habitat for native fauna, improve water quality and salinity problems.. View other products offered by Global Ballooning.. Email:.. balloon@globalballooning.. com.. au.. Phone: 03 9428 5703..

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  • Title: Economy 20 Minute Glider Flight - Gliding Club of Victoria - Experience Flight
    Descriptive info: Gliding Club of Victoria Economy 20 Minute Glider Flight.. Benalla, VIC.. Buy Now for $160.. Soar like an eagle using only the energy Mother Nature provides, the performance of your aircraft and the skill of your pilot!.. Your instructor will explain the features of our modern two-seater, dial-control sailplanes before strapping you in up front for the best all-round view.. A powerful tow-plane tows you up to release height where you instructor releases the tow and your soaring experience begins.. Seeking out and circling in rising air currents (thermals), you climb on solar energy.. Often, another glider or even an eagle will join you in the thermal.. Gliding between thermals, your sailplane sinks at only 200 feet every minute as you search for the next one.. All around you is a superb view of the Benalla city, farmlands and the nearby mountains.. At the end of the flight, the instructors bring you in for a gentle landing back at the airfield.. Aerotow launch behind a light plane to a height of 2,000ft (600m) above Benalla.. Having a go of the controls.. Gaining altitude in a thermal, using the sun's energy (conditions permitting).. Aerobatics  ...   sun-screen; the Perspex canopy gives a great view but no shade.. Your camera for those great shots; a wrist or neck-strap is useful.. Your friends are welcome too.. Restrictions.. Flight duration is subject to weather conditions and is not guaranteed.. The minimum passenger age is 8 years.. Light-weight passengers may have to fly from the rear seat.. The maximum passenger weight is 100 kg.. All aircraft have strict weight and balance limits and gliders are no exception.. GCV is the largest gliding club in Australia, located at Benalla in North east Victoria, just 2 hours up the Hume freeway from Melbourne.. We have been operating for more than 80 years and are the leading Club in the Southern Hemisphere for cross-country racing.. We offer Air Experience Flights (AEFs) as an introduction to the thrill of gliding.. All flights are in modern, two-seater gliders with experienced and skilled instructors.. The area offers stunning views of Benalla, the surrounding farmlands, Winton racetrack and the nearby mountains.. Make a day of it with family and friends and visits to nearby wineries.. View other products offered by Gliding Club of Victoria.. gliding@benalla.. net.. Phone: 03 5762 1058..

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  • Title: 10,000ft Tandem Beach Skydive (Midweek) - Skydive the Beach and Beyond Byron Bay - Experience Flight
    Descriptive info: Skydive the Beach and Beyond Byron Bay 10,000ft Tandem Beach Skydive (Midweek).. Ballina, NSW.. Buy Now for $249.. Whether it's your first time (or your fifth) tandem skydiving is the.. ideal way to experience the ultimate thrill of freefall.. No experience is necessary.. and almost anyone can do it! Skydive the Beach Byron Bay jump from 10,000ft! The views are incredible and the rush is unbeatable!!.. Transfers from/to Byron Bay or Ballina.. $35 Australian Parachute Federation membership.. Safety briefing from Instructor.. All skydive equipment.. Certificate of achievement.. Wear loose casual clothing.. Flat enclosed shoes, no boots or high heels.. Availability.. This discount midweek rate is  ...   BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL for this pick-up service.. To book call 1800 302 005.. Any participants over 95kg will incur a weight surcharge, this is payable on the day of your skydive.. Any participants over 115kgs are subject to tandem master assessment.. Must be over 14, under 18 must have parent or guardian consent.. Skydive the Beach Byron Bay jump from Australia’s highest jump altitude of 14,000ft directly over the beach.. From this height you will freefall for up to 60 seconds and experience speeds of up to 220 km/h.. View other products offered by Skydive the Beach and Beyond Byron Bay.. byronbay@skydive.. Phone: 1300 663 634..

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  • Title: 60 Minute F/A-18 Fighter Experience - Air Combat Centre - Experience Flight
    Descriptive info: Air Combat Centre 60 Minute F/A-18 Fighter Experience.. Brisbane, QLD.. Buy Now for $198.. You be the fighter pilot A TOP GUN fighter pilot in a military fight jet simulator the F/A-18 hornet.. TOP FUN is what you ll experience in a unique fighter jet thrill at the Air Combat Centre F/A-18 Hornet simulator.. Air to Air Combat, Air to Ground bombing runs or try and land this 40,000lbs fighting machine on an aircraft carrier!.. After your briefing, you'll climb aboard your F/A-18 Hornet simulator.. Your Air Combat Centre experience allows YOU to be the pilot of one of the fastest, most powerful jet fighters to fly in the military today.. You'll be in communications throughout your mission with your Air Combat Instructor.. We'll give you all the support you need to make your mission experience a bull's-eye success jet like in the movie top  ...   your flight.. Multiple friends can come and sit in the rear of the cockpit.. Photo upload to facebook.. Bring your reading or driving spectacles should they require them.. Wear enclosed shoes.. You may bring friends to sit in the rear of the cockpit (photos may be taken).. Open from 10am to 6pm every day.. Bookings essential.. Corporate groups and bucks days available with prior notice.. Due to the restrictive nature of the cockpit environment there is a restriction placed on size and weight above 100kgs applicable to customers wishing to fly in our simulators.. Air Combat Centre For the first time in Australia, invites you into the cockpit of the world most advanced fighter jets! Air Combat Centres F/A-18 Hornet fighter simulators will have you experiencing the thrill of a life time!.. View other products offered by Air Combat Centre.. info@aircombatcentre.. Phone: 07 3371 5737..

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  • Title: 120 Minute Jet Flight Simulator Experience - Jet Flight Simulator Melbourne - Experience Flight
    Descriptive info: Jet Flight Simulator Melbourne 120 Minute Jet Flight Simulator Experience.. Buy Now for $289.. $425.. Take the controls of this amazingly realistic flight simulator based on the world's most successful and popular airliner.. Learn real world flying techniques from a real pilot by your side.. This amazing flying lesson will have you learning to take off, fly and land this huge airliner.. You can even choose your own weather conditions and over 22,000 different airports.. You do all the flying under the verbal guidance of your experienced instructor.. Perfect for novice and expert pilots alike.. This simulator is used for actual pilot training and airline check flight coaching.. Up to 4 friends can come  ...   public holidays).. Please book a time slot in advance, don't just turn up as we are very busy.. Due to the restrictive nature of the cockpit environment there is a restriction placed on size and weight above 120kgs applicable to customers wishing to fly in our simulators.. Minimum age of 10 years, minors must be accompanied by a guardian.. Jet Flight Simulator is run by professional pilots.. Jet Flight Simulator are so good at what they do, pilots wanting to make it into the airline industry are encouraged to come and learn from their expert pilots in the realistic environment.. View other products offered by Jet Flight Simulator Melbourne.. contact@jetflight.. Phone: 1300 538 354..

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  • Title: 50 Minute Trial Instructional Flight - GoFly Aviation - Experience Flight
    Descriptive info: GoFly Aviation 50 Minute Trial Instructional Flight.. Caboolture, QLD.. Buy Now for $238.. Take the controls of your modern light sport aircraft over the spectacular Glass House Mountains and Moreton Bay area.. Experience the thrill of flying a real aircraft with your experienced flight instructor by your side.. Whether you are just wanting to experience the thrill of flying over the sunshine coast region or are interested in learning to fly, this Trial Instructional Flight ticks all of the boxes.. Your flight will begin with a pre-flight briefing on how to operate the controls of the aircraft.. Your instructor will guide you through the controls once you are in the air and you will be  ...   minutes flight time.. High Definition footage of the flight.. Sunglasses and/or driving spectacles if you require them.. Your voucher.. 7 Days, 9am – 5pm.. Due to aircraft restrictions, passenger weight is limited to 110 Kg.. We offer the best trial introductory flights in SE QLD.. We operate modern Sport Aircraft from both Caboolture and Caloundra Aerodromes and we are full time operation.. You will experience the freedom of flying while you experiences Flight Instructor will guide you through how to operate the controls.. You will also be flying over the most spectacular country in QLD, including Sunshine Coast, Glass House Mountains and Moreton Island.. View other products offered by GoFly Aviation.. fly@goflyaviation.. Phone: 1800 707 433..

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  • Title: Formation Flight 20 Minute Aerobatic Experience - 2 People - Adelaide Warbirds - Experience Flight
    Descriptive info: Adelaide Warbirds Formation Flight 20 Minute Aerobatic Experience - 2 People.. Adelaide, SA.. Buy Now for $799.. For 2 People.. This is our newest flight package, one that is guaranteed to keep you on high alert for an entire 20 minutes.. Take off together with your fellow flyer in close formation and head out to the aerobatic area, not more than a wingspan from each other.. Then fly over the northern beaches of Adelaide in your Nanchang CJ6A.. You'll change formation positions throughout the transit to give you different perspectives on flying in formation.. At St Kilda, you can opt to climb and break away for an aerobatic rush, or you can stay in formation and drop down to 500ft for  ...   available for an extra $60.. Bookings essential.. Duration.. While the flight time is approximately 20 minutes, please allow an hour and a half for the whole experience.. Passengers must be at least 12 years old and weigh less than 120kg.. Come and fly in an ex-military aircraft with the longest serving and most experienced Adventure Flight Organisation in South Australia.. We’ve flown over 2500 flights since we started in 2006 and know how to give you an experience you’ll never forget.. You can fly aerobatic flights or something a bit quieter, give us a go and let us help you tick this off your bucket list!.. View other products offered by Adelaide Warbirds.. bookings@adelaidewarbirds.. Phone: 08 8281 6144.. Mobile: 0433 117 624..

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  • Title: 90 Minute Jet Flight Simulator Experience - Jet Flight Simulator - Experience Flight
    Descriptive info: Jet Flight Simulator 90 Minute Jet Flight Simulator Experience.. Gold Coast, QLD.. Buy Now for $219.. $315.. Up to 2 friends can come and sit in the rear of the cockpit.. You may bring 2 friends to sit in the rear of the cockpit (photos may be taken).. This voucher.. HD Video footage of your flight may be purchased for an additional $30 on the day.. View other products offered by Jet Flight Simulator.. info@jetflightsimulator.. Phone: 1300 737 484..

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