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  • Title: Welcome to Coogee Chemicals - Coogee Chemicals
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About Us.. Corporate Purpose.. Company History.. From The Managing Director.. Board Of Directors.. Our People.. Galleries.. Our Businesses.. Chemicals Manufacturing.. Tank Terminals.. Transport, Logistics Dangerous Goods.. Our Products.. Safety Data Sheets SDS.. Product Specifications.. Sustainability.. Careers.. What we look for.. Apply Now.. Positions Vacant.. Procurement..  ...   Previous.. Next.. Chemicals.. Manufacturing.. Tank.. Terminals.. Transport,.. Logistics & Dangerous Goods.. Welcome to Coogee Chemicals.. We are a diversified manufacturer of Chemicals a major Tank Terminal operator.. 2014 Coogee Chemicals..  | ABN: 37 008 747 500  | ACN: 008 747 500  |.. Web Design Perth | Itomic..

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  • Title: About Us - Coogee Chemicals
    Descriptive info: You are here:.. Our Company.. Since being established in 1971, Coogee Chemicals has created a significant place for itself in Australia's chemical industry.. We are a privately owned company and proudly Western Australian.. We produce a wide range of industrial, agricultural and mineral processing chemicals for supply to both the Australian and International markets.. And we operate Bulk Liquid Terminal Facilities for import, export and storage of chemicals and  ...   players in the fuel market, and the Sulphuric Acid Terminal is the largest acid storage facility in the Southern hemisphere.. Dangerous Goods transport operations in Western Australia and Queensland complement the service to our customers.. See Also:.. The company prides itself on long term relationships built with its many customers, large and small, on the foundation of excellent service and the highest commitment to safety and quality.. Gordon Martin..

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  • Title: Corporate Purpose - Coogee Chemicals
    Descriptive info: Values.. Trust - Integrity - Respect For People - Teamwork - Safety - Quality - Innovation.. Vision.. "Long term sustainable growth in enterprise value in the chemical industry and related industries.. ".. Business Fundamentals.. Employ and retain the right people.. Invest in fundamentally sound projects that have or can develop a strong sustainable competitive advantage.. Empower an independant view within a shared vision.. Mission.. Improve profitability through business growth and internal efficiency.. Develop and maintain a competent, motivated and empowered workforce where Coogee is seen as an  ...   relationships with our trading partners and industry players, such that we fully understand their needs.. Maintain our license to operate by meeting community expectations of a good corporate citizen and adhering to high ethical standards that benefit all stakeholders.. Seek niche opportunities that allow us to compete based on our core competencies and competitive advantages.. Integrity.. In looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy.. And if they don t have the first, the other two will kill you.. Warren Buffet..

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  • Title: Company History - Coogee Chemicals
    Descriptive info: 1971.. 1971-1980.. 1981-1985.. 1986-1990.. 1991-1995.. 1996-2000.. 2001-2005.. 2006-2010.. 2011 Beyond.. +.. -.. Coogee Chemicals was formed in the early 1970s by thirteen individual investors, mainly farmers, with the intent of producing Copper Sulphate for agricultural use.. After the initial unsuccessful attempts to make this product, Gordon Martin bought 45% of the equity and restructured the company.. Subsequently, using mostly second-hand equipment, he optimised the production and invented a continuous crystallisation process, which allowed the manufacture of high quality Copper Sulphate.. The headquarters of Coogee Chemicals was built in Kwinana Beach, Western Australia, amidst other significant players, where it is still today.. The Copper Sulphate manufacturing plant was reconstructed in Kwinana Beach.. A new business opportunity soon arose to supply Sodium Silicate to Synthetic Rutile producers.. A Silicate manufacturing plant was designed and built; all raw material input streams are locally sourced.. At Kwinana Beach in Western Australia new facilities for Copper Sulphate and Sodium Silicate production were completed.. The first steps were taken to establish a tank terminal adjacent to the Kwinana Beach manufacturing facility.. To provide excellent service Coogee progressively built a logistics chain for Dangerous Goods.. The transport business began.. Aluminium Sulphate plant was commissioned to supply major water and waste water treatment customers.. Coogee designed and built a plant for the conversion of Copperas into Ferrous Sulphate Mono- and Heptahydrates.. A waste stream generated during the production of titanium dioxide is converted into a valuable saleable product.. Coogee, for the first time, imported caustic soda and molasses into the new terminal in Kwinana Beach.. Coogee Chemicals entered into a Joint Venture agreement with Wesfarmers CSBP and AIDC to manufacture liquid Sodium Cyanide at Kwinana Beach.. In 1988 the plant began producing cyanide solution - it was the first Cyanide manufacturing facility in Western Australia and it still is today.. Another Joint Venture opportunity arose, this time between Nufarm and Coogee.. The pigment manufacturers at Kemerton and Kwinana, Western Australia, required Chlorine, and the Joint Venture built 2 Chlor-Alkali plants to meet the demand.. Apart from Chlorine, these facilities also produce Caustic Soda, Sodium Hypochlorite and Hydrochloric Acid which are supplied into the Western Australian, industrial, mining and water treatment market.. A Joint Venture was established with Pride-Chem Singapore and Technogas Malaysia to produce Copper Oxide at Malaka, Malaysia.. The feedstock of Copper Oxide is a waste stream from the manufacture of Printed Circuit Boards.. Again, value-adding was achieved by converting a waste into a saleable valuable product.. In response to the need of local industry for input materials, Coogee developed a sodium aluminate solution process which delivers ready-made liquid reagent for use in the Pigment Industry.. With the purchase of Western Biotechnology Ltd.. from Roche, Coogee entered a completely new field of business, Biotechnology.. Now Coogee was involved in growing algae which produced a natural Beta-Carotene.. A Tank Terminal for the import, storage and supply of Sulphuric Acid was constructed in Port Hedland, Western Australia, to supply Copper heap leach projects in the Pilbara.. Coogee designed and constructed a continuous process granulation plant to supply trace element fertiliser into the agricultural industry.. A Sulphuric Acid Tank Terminal was constructed in Townsville, Queensland in Joint Venture with Lewer Corporation.. In 1995 Coogee entered into an agreement with a major Fuel Enterprise to store and manage its fuel requirements at Coogee's Kwinana Beach Terminal.. The Coogee Acid Terminal (CAT) with a 70,000 tonne  ...   Coogee is managing the Reagent Facility providing ready-made liquid reagents for the processing circuit.. The Sodium Cyanide plant was upgraded to enable the manufacture of Cyanide in solid form, which allowed access to the international market.. In 2003, an undeveloped oil field in the Timor Sea, as well as two operating fields, were purchased from BHP and Canadian Petroleum.. The oil and gas business was demerged from Coogee Chemicals into a separate entity, and established as Coogee Resources.. Agreements concluded acquiring each of BHP Petroleum's and Nexen's respective 50% interests in the AC/RL3 oil and gas fields to underpin a possible offshore floating Methanol project.. Subsequently, Coogee Resources acquired Newfield Exploration's Timor Sea assets including the oil fields Jabiru and Challis.. A second Liquid Xanthate plant was completed in Mt Isa, Queensland.. The output of the Molten Sulphur plant was expanded to include a new product, Sulphur-Bentonite, which has applications in the agricultural field.. A Super White Hydrate Plant, based on the precipitation of high purity alumina hydrate, was comissioned.. Super White Hydrate is used as a colourant and filler in the artificial marble industry.. This plant has subsequently been closed.. Coogee acquired Nufarm's interest in the Chlor-Alkali Joint Venture and is now the sole owner of 2 Chlor-alkali plants in Western Australia.. In 2010 Coogee purchased a fuel terminal from Gull Terminals West in Kwinana Beach.. This terminal site is located adjacent to our existing terminal facility, and after its integration, increased the storage capacity by 58 million litres.. A major expansion of the Chlor-Alkali plant in Kwinana was completed, doubling the production capacity and introducing new technology.. Coogee is now the owner of 3 Chlor-Alkali plants.. Coogee Chemicals entered into an agreement with CSIRO to further develop innovative technology involved in the production of Titanium.. Coogee acquired 100% ownership of the Tank Terminal in Townsville, Queensland.. At the Kwinana Beach Tank Terminal an additional 24 million litres of storage capacity were constructed.. The Port Hedland Terminal capacity was expanded by 27 million litres storage capacity for Sulphuric Acid allowing Coogee to sell both, acid and caustic soda to the Pilbara region.. A Dangerous Goods Storage Facility was constructed at Kwinana Beach to cater specifically for isotainer and container storage.. A new Copper Sulphate facility in Mt Isa was completed backed by a long-term contract from a local mine.. The new Tank Terminal for Sulphuric Acid storage, import and export was completed in Gladstone, Queensland.. After extensive upgrades and integration work, the Fuel Terminal at Kwinana Beach is now functioning as a world-class terminalling facility providing a fuel and chemical storage capacity of more than 150 Million litres.. The expansion of the Queensland business is progressing with the completion of a Sodium Hydrosulphide dissolving plant, a Dangerous Goods storage facility at Mount Isa, and entry into the caustic soda market from Gladstone.. In 2012, Coogee has acquired the Chlor-Alkali manufacturing business, Elite Chemicals, from GE Corporation.. The manufacturing facility is located at the port of Brisbane and produces Sodium Hypochlorite, Hydrochloric Acid and Caustic Soda for the water treatment industry and local industrial customers.. The business includes operational branches in Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton, NSW and SA.. This acquisition provides a foot print for Coogee on the East Coast for the Chlor-Alkali business and will offer new business growth opportunities.. Respect.. Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners.. Laurence Sterne..

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  • Title: From The Managing Director - Coogee Chemicals
    Descriptive info: Tim Martin.. Coogee Chemicals commenced operation in 1971 as a copper sulphate manufacturer in Western Australia.. Since then the company has grown and diversified into a group with core business divisions focused on chemical manufacture and related storage and handling, and terminal infrastructure management.. We have built our reputation around finding unique market opportunities where we can add value through the experience and technical expertise of our people.. This growth and success is founded on a quality and safety focus whilst developing and retaining key skill sets and competent staff that can move within the group.. Typically we focus on building in-house human resource capability and know-how rather than outsourcing or contracting related skill sets.. A philosophy of "opportunity through growth" and "step-out" initiatives to extend our core competencies has allowed us to control capital intensive projects from conception to execution.. It has also enabled us to move into disruptive research technologies including methanol fuel blending and titanium metal process manufacturing.. Our chemical manufacture is principally around industrial feedstock products such as chlorine, cyanide, caustic soda and methanol.. A cradle to grave approach to quality and service in our chemical division has allowed us to grow uniquely combined skill sets across these business units to include the transport, storage, and handling of commodity chemicals.. The  ...   Isotainer storage facilities at Kwinana and Mt Isa.. A sodium cyanide plant at Kwinana, Western Australia, for manufacture and distribution within Australia and for export overseas - operated as a Joint Venture with Wesfarmers/CSBP.. R D divisions that include Coogee Titanium (where we have partnered with CSIRO in developing a patented continuous process for titanium powder manufacture - TIROTM process), and our GEM (Gasoline, Ethanol, Methanol) blended fuel project being developed as a ‘drop in’ premium fuel for motor vehicles.. We operate in global markets where competition is fierce, yet we also believe that global change provides positive growth opportunities - not just for the largest multinationals, but also for competent, innovative and responsive companies that can offer technical and commercial solutions through collaboration and joint innovation.. We are focused on partnering with companies possessing not only the right capabilities and complementary skill sets but a culture of transparency and openness that drives mutual benefit in growth and opportunity.. This approach has allowed us to build business with partners and/or customers including BHP Billiton, CSIRO, Cristal, Caltex (Chevron), Huntsman, Methanex, Mobil, Shell, Sumitomo, Tronox, and Wesfarmers (CSBP).. The commitment of our people, our alliances with existing and new partners, and our focus on quality and service excellence remains critical to our future success.. Managing Director..

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  • Title: Board Of Directors - Coogee Chemicals
    Descriptive info: - Executive Chairman.. B.. E (Chem) B.. Ec FAICD FAIM FIChemE.. Gordon Martin has been involved in both the Private and Public Listed corporate sectors.. He has spent most of his working life in the Chemical and Resources industries in Coogee Chemicals, a private company where he is majority shareholder and now Executive Chairman.. His involvement in the Public Listed sector has been as a Director of Burswood and as a Director of United Group.. In June 2006 Gordon was appointed Chancellor of Curtin University, a position from which he retired in January 2010.. In August 2010 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Technology from the University.. Gordon was the inaugural Western Australian State President and a past National Vice President of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), and was recently made a life member of the Institute.. In 2005 he was awarded the Western Australian AICD Gold Medal Award and in 2008, the Ernst Young's "Champion of Entrepreneurship" for Western Australia.. - Managing Director.. Arts MBA GAICD.. Tim Martin has been an Executive Manager at Coogee since 2005 and was appointed Managing Director in 2012.. Prior to working at Coogee Tim worked in management roles within the packaged food manufacturing sector - supplying to national supermarket chains, and has ongoing interests in commercial property development.. He is also a director on the board of the Australian Plastics and Chemicals Industry Association (PACIA), and a non-executive director of publicly listed ASX company Atlas Pearls and Perfumes.. George Wilson.. - CFO, Company Secretary and Director.. Acc, CA, GAICD.. George Wilson commenced as CFO in December 2010.. He holds a Bachelor of Accounting degree from Glasgow University, is a Chartered  ...   an independent Non-Executive Director in October 2013.. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) with First Class Honours from the University of Western Australia and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.. David has over 40 years experience in chemical synthesis and manufacturing, having held a variety of operational and management positions in the chemical industry.. He was Group Executive Operations at Nufarm for some 28 years, with responsibility for all of Nufarm’s global manufacturing operations and a key member of the Nufarm Global Executive team.. His earlier career included roles with The Shell Company in Australia and a number of positions and sites in the U.. K.. with Diamond Shamrock Europe.. David is also a Non-Executive Director of Australian Char Pty Ltd.. Jennifer Roughan.. Arts, LLB, GAICD.. Jennifer Roughan was appointed as a Non-Executive Director in December 2012.. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Murdoch University and a Bachelor of Laws degree from Notre Dame University.. She is a registered Legal Practitioner and a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.. Jennifer was previously a lawyer for Anchor Legal a boutique commercial law firm and is also involved in commercial property development.. Dr Grant Lukey.. - Methanol Business Manager and Director.. E (Hons), Grad Dip (Law), PhD, GAICD.. Grant joined Coogee Chemicals in 2006 and is currently responsible for the methanol plant operation in Victoria.. Previously Grant was General Manager of a company connected with Fletcher Building Limited that licensed green concrete technology.. His background is in Chemical Engineering and he holds a PhD in minerals processing.. Teamwork.. Coming together is a beginning.. Keeping together is progress.. Working together is success.. Henry Ford..

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  • Title: Our People - Coogee Chemicals
    Descriptive info: The company offers a range of opportunities for people from various backgrounds including apprentices, trainees, technicians and experienced professionals.. With numerous products and services including chemical manufacturing, transport and tank terminals, Coogee Chemicals prides itself on employing people with a broad range of skills.. At Coogee Chemicals we have developed a strong culture based on the company’s core values of Trust, Integrity, Respect for People, Teamwork, Safety, Quality and Innovation.. We are committed to developing a diverse workforce, and creating an environment where employees are presented with opportunities to make a difference and contribute to the success of the company.. Arts MBA GAICD.. George Wilson.. Acc CA GAICD.. George Wilson commenced as CFO, Company Secretary and Director in December 2010.. He holds a Bachelor of Accounting degree from Glasgow University, is a Chartered Accountant and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.. He has international business experience in the U.. K, Africa, the Middle East and India.. Dr Trevor Taylor.. - Marketing Manager.. Sc (Hon) PhD.. Trevor has 25 years' experience in the chemical industry covering roles in Production Management, Business Development/Marketing, R D and Contracting covering a range of industries, including Mining, Photographic, Pharmaceutical, Fine Chemicals and the Steel Industry.. His experience with Coogee Chemicals gives him a strong base to manage the relationship between our internal operations and our customers need.. Liane Liedcordruwisch.. - Sales Marketing Manager.. Sc (Env) P.. Grad Dp.. Occ HS GAICD.. I have been with Coogee since 1993.. I was so fortunate to be given the opportunity to experience the many different facets of the chemical manufacturing and terminalling business.. In the beginning I was a “lab rat” involved in the product development of Xanthate liquid, from there I progressed to management system HS and environmental management.. I also dabbled in training, which taught me a lot about people and their perception of work and the world.. Eventually I was invited to join the Sales and Marketing team, where I still am now having a great time.. First and foremost I see myself as a mother (two wonderful daughters!) and grandmother (1 grandson so far).. Having had these life experiences, combined with a stimulating and rewarding work life, has given me a great sense of fulfilment.. And now I am looking forward to more exciting experiences.. Brian Gardner.. - Manager, HSEQ, Sustainability Manufacturing.. Eng (Chem).. Brian joined Coogee Chemicals in 1997 and holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering.. He has 20 years' experience in chemical manufacturing, and has worked in various operational, management and business improvement roles across the Coogee Group.. Brian is currently responsible for corporate oversight of HSEQ and Sustainability functions, and the Kwinana Manufacturing Malaysian Business Units.. Craig Bromfield.. - Executive Manager - WA, Terminals Transport.. Eng (Chem) B.. Comm.. Craig joined Coogee Chemicals at the end of 2006 as Business Development Manager.. He holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and a Bachelor of Commerce.. Craig has 25 years of experience in the chemical industry which has included roles in process engineering, marketing and sales, business development and general management.. He has either worked in, or been engaged in, a number of market sectors such as food beverage, pharmaceutical cosmetic, printing packaging, and agrochemicals.. Craig is responsible for Terminals and Transport operations at Kwinana.. He is also a Director of Australian Gold Reagents, a joint venture between Coogee Chemicals and CSBP, manufacturing sodium cyanide.. Jeff Muller.. - Queensland and NT Operations.. Eng (Mec).. Jeff Muller joined Coogee Chemicals following the acquisition of the Methanol Plant from BHP in 2000.. Jeff worked on a number of BHP oil and gas projects including both project engineering and operations prior to joining Coogee Chemicals.. He has over twenty years' experience in the petro-chemical industry and holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering.. He is currently  ...   Chemicals IT Department in 1999 and was appointed to the role of Information Technology Manager in 2007.. Brad is responsible for key corporate IT systems and infrastructure for Coogee Chemicals and affiliated sites.. Previous to working within the Coogee Group, Brad was employed by Alpha West and supported the Government Department of Training and Employment.. Brad has completed tertiary Diploma qualifications in the IT Sector and has over 15 years' experience in the IT industry.. Evan Dutton.. - Engineering Projects Manager.. Eng (Chem), ME, C Eng, MIChemE, MAIPM.. Evan came to Coogee Chemicals in 2007, to manage the expansion of the Kwinana chlor alkali plant.. Since then, he has joined the Coogee staff to oversee all of Coogee's major capital projects.. Evan has an Honours degree in Chemical Engineering, as well as a Masters of Engineering.. Prior to joining Coogee, he spent more than 20 years executing major capital projects in the inorganic chemical, metallurgical, dairy and food processing, and pharmaceutical industries.. This included the two original chlor alkali plants some 20 years ago, when Evan was working for the principle contractor, Lurgi.. Evan Hunter.. - Chlor Alkali Business Manager.. HNC (Chemistry) GAICD MRACI.. Evan joined Coogee in 2007 as Kemerton Plant Manager when Coogee took over sole ownership of the West Australian chlor alkali plants.. A chemist by trade, Evan has held a variety of technical and management roles in the chemical industry including being part of the original commissioning teams at both the Kemerton and Kwinana chlor alkali plants and having responsibility for a large chlorine storage facility in the UK.. Having managed the Kemerton facility for 4 years, Evan took over chlor alkali group responsibility in 2011.. Evan's keen interests are operational excellence with a strong focus on process safety and sees effective leadership as essential in delivering these goals.. Shane Pugh.. - Procurement Planning Manager.. Shane joined Coogee Chemicals in 2008 as the Procurement and Planning Manager.. He is contributing his valuable experience gathered during 23 years of working in the Petrochemical, Engineering and telecommunications industries.. Based in Kwinana, Shane is responsible for the Fitting, Boilermaking and Site Service Maintenance teams and coordinates the procurement of goods and support services and contractors for the manufacturing and maintenance operation.. Mathew Duggan.. - Financial Controller.. Comm CA.. Prior to joining Coogee Chemicals in 2010, Matt gained 6 years of experience in external audit.. Matt holds a Bachelor of Commerce and is a member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia.. He is responsible for the day to day running of the finance department.. Des Halsted.. - Commercial Manager.. Agric Mgt B.. Compt FIPA.. Des has over 20 years of experience in the accounting arena, with roles ranging from professional practice through to financial controller positions primarily in the manufacturing sector.. He joined Coogee Chemicals in 2007 when the company acquired full ownership of the former chlor alkali joint venture.. His role is Commercial Manager for the chlor alkali business.. Des holds degrees in Agribusiness and Accounting and is a Fellow of The Institute of Public Accountants.. Dr Peter Duxson.. - Project Manager.. Eng (Chem) (Hons) BA PhD.. Prior to joining Coogee in 2012, Peter managed a building materials CleanTech start-up company.. Peter is experienced in manufacturing, technology and process commercialisation and is tasked to accelerate bringing new Coogee products and projects into the market.. Adam Crisp.. - General Manager Operations, Queensland.. Eng (Mech), B.. Bus, RPEQ.. Adam joined Coogee Chemicals in 2013 and is currently responsible for overseeing all the operations in Queensland.. He has over 22 years of experience in supply chains in various industries including oil and gas, chemical, building and pharmaceutical.. He has held senior roles throughout his career spanning across engineering, operations, business development and HSEQ.. Safety.. Better a thousand times careful than once dead.. ~Proverb..

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  • Title: Photo Gallery - Coogee Chemicals
    Descriptive info: Careers at Coogee..

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  • Title: Our Businesses - Coogee Chemicals
    Descriptive info: Please click a business on the menu to the left, or a pin on the map to view brief details.. View.. Coogee Chemicals.. in a larger map.. Transport, Logistics & Dangerous Goods.. Quality.. Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.. William A Foster..

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  • Title: Chemicals Manufacturing - Coogee Chemicals
    Descriptive info: Manufacturing Facilities.. Please select a manufacturing facility below..

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  • Title: Tank Terminals - Coogee Chemicals
    Descriptive info: Please select a Tank Terminal from below.. Port Hedland Tank Terminal.. Kwinana Tank Terminal.. Gladstone Tank Terminal.. Townsville Tank Terminal.. Coogee Acid Terminal..

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