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  • Title: Alliance Strategic Research
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Research Techniques.. Industry Sectors.. Our Approach.. Our Difference.. Our clients have included.. Case Studies.. The Value of Research.. Key Personnel.. Contact Us.. Sitemap.. Alliance Strategic Research is a specialist market and social research agency providing solid information for business decision making.. We draw from a depth of industry knowledge, skills and experience.. We question beyond the obvious and challenge assumptions to understand behaviour and how it might be influenced.. As researchers with a behavioural focus we know it's what people do that matters.. We also know that often how they think is different to what they do!.. With clients goals and marketing plans in mind, we harness the latest techniques and technology to provide research that is relevant, understandable and implementable.. In short, research that makes a difference.. NAB #breakup launch.. 11th of March, 2011.. christine walker.. February has seen a fantastic campaign launched by our client NAB.. They first launched with a 'mistake' tweet in their offical account and then rolled out a series of events, and ads in a multi-media launch.. The reaction in social media commentary has been nothing short of extraordinary.. The tweet went viral, and had a fantastic kick along when Westpac chipped in thinking NAB had made a mistake.. By the time the events and ad campaign was launched, the market was primed.. Our SM tracking has shown the campaign has simply changed the landscape about how bank brand's advertising profiles in SM commentary.. Watch this space.. The bar has been lifted, and we can expect a lot more activity from the banks in SM.. Well perhaps CBA and Westpac.. ANZ just doesn't seem to be engaging at all in SM - they don't even have a operative Twitter account.. 3 years ago.. Bank Twitter.. 15th of September, 2010.. Since January 2010 we have been tracking and analysing the content of Twitter comments about the big four banks in Australia.. The idea is to look at what the aggregated comment amounts to, rather than working with the tweets in a reactive way.. The information emerging is very illuminating of the issues customers have with the banks, as well as the things that work for them.. In May we extended the analysis to include second tier banks and are now reporting on these banks.. The reports are available on a monthly subscription basis.. 4 years ago.. Beyond Buzz.. 3rd of June, 2010.. In the last week two of the big social media monitoring organisations (Converseon and Freshnetworks) have published studies showing (machine based) sentiment analysis is correct no more than 50% of the time.. So toss a coin.. This comes as no surprise to those who have been trying to use the analysis.. We have trialled a number of different text analysis software packages from around the world and conclude (like Freshnetworks), that human involvement in the classification of sentiment and indeed in general classification is essential.. As researchers we are very focused  ...   been, a researcher's role.. Advertising creates chatter.. 31st of January, 2010.. Cheesybite has now started to exist as a 'brand' after Kraft start advertising it.. I've been keeping an eye on it in twitter and there hadn't been a comment about it - it looked like it was dead in the water.. However, they've now gone on mainstream TV (might be elsewhere too) and all of a sudden there is twitter - and its not all bad.. Twitter Vegemite Research.. 6th of January, 2010.. Twitter is proving a very useful research tool.. Its immediacy and brevity means people will just splurg their current thoughts.. This is rich material for a researcher.. I did a little investigation on Vegemite (which people love), isnack2.. 0 (which people still ridicule) and Cheesybite (which had not one comment).. The simple pattern of comments suggests Cheesybite might be in for a short life.. Will be interesting to see how it plays out in the market.. River of words.. 5th of January, 2010.. I love this image -- it says it all.. It appeared in the Nov 09 edition of Wired [scroll down].. How to listen?.. 18th of December, 2009.. Social media has the potential to provide very useful information for marketers, but the question remains of how to interpret and gain insight from the content being generated by consumers.. More importantly, how can this be actively used?.. When there is a mass of data a 'line of enquiry' is vital to garner insight.. Forming and testing hypotheses is fundamental to finding this line of enquiry.. The disciplines of research are more vital than ever.. Social Media and Market Research.. 9th of December, 2009.. There is a lot of discussion in research circles on how we, researchers will respond to the 'force' of social media.. The industry has already responded with online research communities which are proving very popular, and for some clients very useful.. This is the industry using the technology that allows social media.. But it is not actually using what is being said by people in the space.. The most forceful use of social media is just emerging is content analysis.. People are sharing their thoughts on products and services on Twitter, in blogs, Facebook at an unprecidented level.. This is a major new source of qualitative information - people using their own words, unasked, commenting.. Listening and interpreting what is being said will offer marketing a rich source of information and shape brands in the future.. The big question though is how to listen?.. Going international (Again).. 28th of October, 2009.. When I left Shell 6 years ago I adoped a 'low travel' policy.. However, my recent trip to Chicago has reminded me of just how important it is to get out and talk to people and companies from all over the world.. The exchange of ideas, approaches and experiences is invaluable.. I think there might be a few more trips coming up!..

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