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  • Title: Advance Collection | Custom Built Promotional Product Specialists.
    Descriptive info: .. Search this site:.. Home.. Member Login.. Custom Built Promotional Product Specialists.. All Products.. Attachments (61).. Badges (140).. Cufflinks and Tiebars (31).. Dog Tags and Pendants (7).. Flags (54).. Openers and Golf Tees (22).. Packaging (20).. Paperweights and Card Holders (9).. Plaques (41).. Product Branding (6).. School Badges (53).. Souvenir Range (22).. Keyrings (108).. Coins and Medallions (56).. Name Badges (25).. Jewellery (15).. Belt Buckles (71).. Models and Figurines (29).. Coasters and Spoons (14).. Lanyards (3).. Name Badges.. School Badges.. Product Branding.. Keyrings.. Belt Buckles.. Advance Premium Business Card Holders.. Give your customers a customised business product which is both practical and stylish.. We can add any logo or message in a range of finishes to create the perfect corporate gift.. More Info.. Custom Designed Pewter Belt Buckles.. The perfect wearable corporate gift in a range of sizes and styles.. Our world class belt buckles feature exquisite detail and are available with their own customised packaging.. Previous.. Pause.. Next.. The Advance Collection Promotional Product Range.. This online catalogue is a sample of our built to order products, designed and manufactured to our industry renowned standards.. The Possibilities are Limitless.. We can produce a unique promotional product for your next corporate event, or to compliment your current line of retail gifts.. All products can be custom designed to include any company inscription or logo.. We offer a total solution from concept and design through to manufacture and finished packaging.. Global Expertise.. Take advantage of our extensive off-shore product experience.. We extend our local Australian manufacturing with global partnerships to produce your promotional product on time and on budget.. Making it Easy.. Our goal is always to make your next custom product endeavour an enjoyable experience.. Contact us.. and our experienced staff will be happy to  ...   range.. Custom Built Flags.. Flag pins are available with any flag design.. Choose from our single flag.. Custom Built Packaging.. We supply a wide range of packaging options designed to enhance and protect.. Custom Built Dog Tags and Pendants.. Dog tags make fashionable ID tags for functions, wearable items are always.. Custom Built Attachments.. Choose the ideal attachment for your product from our extensive range.. We.. Custom Built Cufflinks and Tiebars.. These fashion and uniform items come in plated gold or nickel, pewter.. Custom Built Jewellery.. Produce your gift or logo in precious metals for a quality impression.. Our.. Custom Built Plaques.. Plaques and crests are a unique, traditional option to present your.. Custom Built School Badges.. Our school badges are popular items individually designed with your unique.. Custom Built Paperweights and Card Holders.. The humble paperweight and business card holder makes a special impression.. Custom Built Coins and Medallions.. Medallions and coins are versatile keepsakes to commemorate that special.. Custom Built Badges.. Create uniquely designed, built to order badges.. Company emblems and.. Custom Built Models and Figurines.. Create any sculpted object to represent your company as a corporate gift,.. Custom Built Coasters and Spoons.. Always on display, drink coasters make the perfect practical gift.. Custom Built Keyrings.. Quality materials and refined finishes, keyrings are available in all shapes.. Custom Built Name Badges.. Selecting the right name badge for your company image is easy with our.. Do You Sell Advance Collection Products And Need A Website Like This One?.. If you supply Advance Collection products to your clients, you can get your own complete website just like this one now.. We'll include your company logo and colours, and you can even choose which products to display.. Top of Page.. Copyright © 2013 |.. Advance Collection..

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  • Title: User account | Advance Collection
    Descriptive info: / User account.. Log in.. Request new password.. User account.. Username or e-mail address:.. *.. You may login with either your assigned username or your e-mail address.. Password:.. The password field is case sensitive..

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  • Title: All Products | Advance Collection
    Descriptive info: / All Products.. 3d Pewter Keyring.. Antique Pewter Keyring.. 2d Pewter Keyring.. Polished pewter with black etch background.. 3D Pewter Keyring.. Pewter Keyring.. Antique pewter keyring with rumble relief finish.. Antique pewter keyring with three colours epoxy coated.. Keyring with Antique Silver Plated Finish.. 2D Pewter  ...   Polished Pewter with Black Etch Finish.. Cast Metal Coaster.. Antique Pewter Motif.. Belt Buckle.. Antique pewter finish with one colour added.. 3d Pewter Badge.. Antique pewter finish with moving door, one colour photo.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. ….. next ›.. last »..

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  • Title: Attachments | Advance Collection
    Descriptive info: / Attachments.. We can incorporate your product's attachment to suit both design and function to create the perfect result.. H-1714 28mm.. Brass Pin With Safety Catch.. H-1770 25mm.. Brass Pin Without Safety Catch.. H-1710 20mm.. CGB - 37mm.. H-1772 30mm.. CGB - 32mm.. H-1723 35mm.. H-1773 15mm.. H-1767 20mm.. F593.. Eyelet.. H-1769 25mm.. FA92.. Brass Pin Nickel Plated.. FF1109N.. Swivel Fitting Heavy Duty.. H-1771 30mm.. F634N.. Swivel Fitting Standard.. H-1722 35mm.. FA1067N.. Figure 8.. FA1086.. Mobile Phone Charm comes in black or pink cord with jump.. REF816R (N/B).. Souvenir Fitting Nickel or Brass..

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  • Title: Badges | Advance Collection
    Descriptive info: / Badges.. Company emblems and products come to life with this 3D, textural product.. Choose from our extensive range of name badge styles and finishes for all your personal and conference guest needs.. 2D Plated Badge.. Gold Plated / Paint Filled / Resined.. 2D Pewter Badge.. Polished pewter with black etching.. Antique pewter finish.. Polished Pewter / Paint Filled.. 2d Pewter Badge..  ...   with two colours and epoxy coating.. Button Badge.. 2D Plated Badge.. Antique Gold / Antique Relief.. Nickle Plated / Paint Filled / Resined.. Gold / Paint Filled / Resined.. Printed Badge.. Full Colour Printed on Aluminium Base.. Antique Gold Plated / Slightly Curved.. Nickel Plated / Paint Filled.. Nickel Plated / Paint Filled / Resined.. Full Colour Print on Aluminium Base / Resined..

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  • Title: Cufflinks and Tiebars | Advance Collection
    Descriptive info: / Cufflinks and Tiebars.. These fashion and uniform items come in plated gold or nickel, pewter antique finishes or colour filled epoxy resin.. Plated Cufflink.. Nickel Plated.. Gold Plated.. 2D Plated Cufflink.. Plated Tie Bar.. Plated Stic Pin.. Gold Plated Tie Bar.. Gold Plated Cufflinks.. Gold plated / Paint filled / Resined.. Nickel plated / Paint filled / Resined.. 2D Pewter Cufflink.. Pewter / Paint filled.. 2D Cufflink.. Pewter Cufflink.. Polished Pewter.. Gold Plated Cufflink.. 3D Pewter Cufflink.. Antique Gold Plated Cufflink..

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  • Title: Dog Tags and Pendants | Advance Collection
    Descriptive info: / Dog Tags and Pendants.. Dog tags make fashionable ID tags for functions, wearable items are always popular and we can produce metal pendants in any shape and design.. 2D Pewter Dog Tag.. Pendants.. Antique Finish Pewter Pendant.. Dog Tags.. Pewter Dog Tags.. Antique finish pewter dog tags.. Chrome finish dog tags..

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  • Title: Flags | Advance Collection
    Descriptive info: / Flags.. Choose from our single flag option or a pair.. Algeria Flag Lapel Pin.. Albania Flag Lapel Pin.. USA Flag Lapel Pin.. Ukraine Flag Lapel Pin.. UK Flag Lapel Pin.. Tuvalu Flag Lapel Pin.. Trinidad Tobago.. Tonga Flag Lapel Pin.. Tajikistan Flag Lapel Pin.. Togo Flag Lapel Pin.. Switzerland Flag Lapel.. Spain Flag Lapel Pin.. South Africa Flag Lapel.. Somalia Flag Lapel Pin.. Slovakia Flag Lapel Pin.. Singapore Flag Lapel Pin.. Seychelles Flag Lapel Pin.. Serbia Montenegro.. Rwanda Flag Lapel Pin.. Russia Flag Lapel Pin.. Romania Flag Lapel Pin..

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  • Title: Openers and Golf Tees | Advance Collection
    Descriptive info: / Openers and Golf Tees.. Very popular items! Give your clients a useful, lasting impression of your brand.. Pop Top key rings and golf tee removers are a standard size that only need decorating with your logo.. 3D Pewter Twist Top.. Pewter / Antique Relief Finish.. Pewter Twist Top Helmet.. Pewter Twist Top Hat with 2D Gold Plated Badge attached on.. Plated Twist Top Helmet.. Antique Gold Plated / Full 3D Twist Top Hat with Gold.. Antique Gold Plated / Full 3D Twist Top Helmet / Antique.. Full 3D Pewter  ...   with Lamp / Antique Relief.. 3D Pewter Letter Opener.. 3D Pewter Antique Relief Finish.. Letter Opener.. Pewter letter openers with your logo.. Bottle Opener.. Twist bottle openers with five colour print.. Chrome plated bottle opener.. Pewter souvenir letter opener with your logo.. Bottle Top Opener.. Twist Top pewter bottle opener.. Twist top pewter bottle opener, plated oxy brass.. Bottle Top Openers.. Die–cast zinc, metal finish, one colour, epoxy finish.. Aluminium in anodised blue, silver, green or silver finish.. Branded Golf Tee Remover.. Golf tee remover with three colour printed logo..

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  • Title: Packaging | Advance Collection
    Descriptive info: / Packaging.. We supply a wide range of packaging options designed to enhance and protect your product.. Plastic Coin Medal.. Coaster Slouth.. Black Velvet Lapel pin.. Black Velvet Medal Box.. Black Velvet Cufflink Box.. Black Velvet Box with.. Blue Velvet Medal Box.. Black Cardboard Box for.. Silver Tin Belt Buckle.. Presentation Pouch.. Black velvet pouches  ...   vinyl medal case (Can also be painted).. Commemorative Stand.. Commemorative medal case and stand.. Letter Opener Tin.. Letter Opener Tin Box.. Presentation Tin.. Metal presentation box with window.. Presentation metal box with window.. Medal Box.. Medallion /Paper Weight Velvet Presentation Box to Fit.. Custom Made Medal Box.. Souvenir Spoon Cases.. Spoon cases in assorted colours..

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  • Title: Paperweights and Card Holders | Advance Collection
    Descriptive info: / Paperweights and Card Holders.. The humble paperweight and business card holder makes a special impression on your client’s desktop everyday.. Plated 2D Paperweight.. Antique Copper Plated / Patterned Background.. 2D Pewter Paperweight.. Pewter / Antique Relief.. Pewter Paperweight.. Antique pewter finish paperweight.. Business Card Holder.. Gold plated business card holder with two colour.. Gold plated business card holder.. Pewter business card holder.. Copper Paperweight.. Antique copper finish paperweight..

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    Archived pages: 467